Bose SoundDock Portable

Bose SoundDock Portable

Bose SoundDock Portable
Bose SoundDock Portable

Bose SoundDock Portable

Spending time researching which type of portable speaker systems best suits to our liking and taste can be an enjoying thing to do. After all, when it comes to listening and enjoying sound and music you really want the best that you can have and afford.

There are many different brands and good systems out there in the market to choose from but I really like Bose SoundDock Portable. When you have a chance to visit some of the good shops selling portable speaker systems, try placing Bose SoundDock Portable with the rest of them to compare the sound system. I bet Bose SoundDock Portable will be the one you would really like the best. Frankly, most of the other systems are hardly able to compare to Bose SoundDock Portable for high quality sound production.

If you have had tried Tivoli Audio iPAL, Altec Lansing InMotion, Logitech and Harman/Kardon, you will really appreciate Bose SoundDock Portable. All the other systems are good too but compare to Bose SoundDock Portable, they are still lacking. Even the highly rated Harman/Kardon which is quite impressive may not compare better.

Despite the smaller size, Bose SoundDock Portable produces a fuller bodied sound with slightly more rolled off treble and a more overall consistent sound which is pleasant to listen to for hours without feeling fatigue. Bose is easy to carry around and its weigh is lighter than Harman/Kardon by almost half.

The playing time for one full charge of the battery is about three hours at full volume but the battery life can go up to 8 -12 hours when playing at normal levels. Also, the battery life is dependent on how much battery ipod is draining from the system, as the ipod gets charged from the SoundDock.

Having said so, there are some quirks I should mention about Bose SoundDock Portable. Firstly, the price is higher than the other systems. Secondly, one needs to be careful with the glossy finish as it can get a scratch easily. Thirdly, with most of the other systems, they come with a place to store the remote control but not so with Bose but this is just a small matter. Fourthly without the remote control you are not able to turn off the SoundDock.

Overall, I think Bose SoundDock Portable is still the best choice to go for if money is not an issue.

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jimbo12524 6 years ago

Is the bose Ipod sounddock 10 the best quality. It also indicaes that it can be hooked to a TV also. Does anyone know if this unit will sound good for the audio for my 1080I/P TV too. Or am I cheaping out and hoping for too much out of the IPod docking station. I mean should I just get the Bose home theater sound system for my tv and just plug my ipod in when ever I want to? I know the obvious answer. But would the Bose docking station 10 suffice due to cost comparisson and still give me an enjoyable experience for both my Ipod and TV?



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