Build A Wind Turbine--Free Wind Power

Wind Turbine Generators

Wind turbine generators are an idea whose time has come.Many people in the USA and elsewhere are now buying or making a wind turbine. The cost of power is steadily increasing with the price of oil and gas used to generate electricity.The only viable way to get around this is to generate your own free power with a small domestic wind turbine or perhaps several of them.

You can also add solar panels for further power production although they are more costly than wind turbines and produce limited power. They are a convenient rooftop power source which can add to the power produced.

Residential wind turbines are now a reality as wind turbine cost has dropped to an affordable level. Home wind turbines are producing part or all of the power required by many homes and farms.

There are a number of manufacturers now building a home wind generator which can be installed either free standing on its own small tower or mounted as a rooftop wind turbine.The cost is quite affordable for most people.

For those who find the price of a wind turbine still too high there is another alternative--build your own home wind power generator. Wind generator plans complete with instructions are readily available.

The average home owner can easily build a homemade wind turbine. Your wind turbine cost in this case can be $100 or less. Residential wind turbines built from these plans are highly dependable and require little attention other than the usual maintenance.They will run for years with only occasional overhaul and part replacement.

A small wind generator such as this will pay for itself very quickly in power bill savings.Plans with instructions are available. See them here and here you will find lots of interesting articles :articles

Wind Turbine Power--Free Electricity

Free Power From The Wind
Free Power From The Wind

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shand0 profile image

shand0 8 years ago

Yes, you can build your own home windmill. It will take about tow hours to finish the process

daetyn 7 years ago

this is the most coolest thing i have ever seen

daetyn 7 years ago

it really looks like an old old fan true it does look at it your self

Blackspaniel1 profile image

Blackspaniel1 22 months ago

I had not heard about home units.

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    Residential Wind Turbines

    Owning a residential wind turbine is a reality for many people. Small wind generators can generate all or part of the power requirements of the average home or farm.Home wind turbines are low cost to install and will pay for themselves fairly quickly in power bill savings. As the cost of power continues to escalate this is even more the case.

    The cost of wind turbines if purchased from a manufacturer is still quite high. Fortunately it is possible to build a wind turbine for a fraction of the cost of a purchased machine. A home wind generator can be built from plans and instructions which are readily available.A home made wind turbine can be built for $100 or even less using new or used auto parts.

    It is not true that high winds are needed to power a turbine wind generator.Even a gentle breeze will produce power which can be stored in batteries for use. The best type of batteries for this purpose are deep cycle or deep discharge batteries. Standard automobile batteries can be used but the deep discharge battery is much more efficient for this type of use.You can start off with one or two batteries,and add more as required,to store the power produced by your home wind generator.

    The question of how to build a wind turbine is simply answered. The plans and instructions we provide can be used by any home workshopper to build a home made wind generator very easily and at low cost.

    A wind generator home is a self reliant home that does not have to depend on the power company. Power bills can be eliminated or at least reduced.If excess power is produced by your homemade wind generator you can sell it to your local power utility in many areas.For plans with instructions see:

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