Building Backlinks Quickly

Backlinks are a crucial mechanism in ensuring that your website/hub is as successful as possible. The question is though, why is this the case, and what exactly is a backlink?

A backlink is exactly what it sounds like, a link that returns a user back to your site or hub.These are essential to boosting your page rank and popularity since the more backlinks that you have, the more exposure you have as a whole. When it comes to Hubpages, this is especially beneficial since the more views you have, the more you earn and thus the more money you have in your bank account at the end of each month.

Now, just exactly do you build up these backlinks? Well, you can do it manually by submitting your URL to directories, as well as setting up Facebook fan pages (and also posting the URL on Facebook) and also submitting your link to forums. However, the biggest problem with this method is TIME and 9/10 people will fail at this hurdle. The downside of this is that your site won't rank as highly as it should be, causing a reduction in funds for you in the long term. This is a real shame since when you've got quality content, you deserve to be well rewarded for it. However, as it goes, SEO goes a long way in making or breaking you, and of course, the quicker the SEO is mastered, the quicker you'll be raking in the money.

I'm currently offering a service whereby I'll get you at least 600 social bookmarks in the space of ten days for the low price of £30. That comes in at just 5 pence per bookmark. The great thing with social bookmarks is that these sites all have a high Page Rank, and when your site (or hub) is bookmarked on them, it creates a viral like effect, and Google becomes highly interested in your page. The end result is that it creates a higher page rank for you due to this, as well as your site having such a high number of backlinks.

If you're interested in this and really want to see your site or Hub flourish with new views thanks to an increased level of popularity, then please contact me using the contact form on HubPages and put 'social bookmarking' in the subject line. Please also include your website URL, it's title and a description of the site (250 characters max).

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