Bulk Email Delivery

Bulk Email Delivery

What is the most important thing in bulk email? Deliverability is the answer.

If you want to make money from your list and have success with your email marketing campaigns your emails must get to the inbox folders of your target audience and not end up in the spam folder.

To do this you need to comply with Email Marketing rules and have a double opt-in list, only by doing this you will assure the delivery of your bulk email marketing campaigns.

How can you assure the deliverability of your email messages?

The best option for you is to use a service with given proof of quality, i'm talking aboutAWeber, every major blogger uses this service, and why? Because it assures that your messages find their way to your audience.

AWeber is very simple to use, just check my AWeber How To hub and see how easy it is to setup an email marketing campaign.

You can try AWeber for just 1 dollar in the first month, so if you don't like it, you just loose one buck.

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