Bulk Email Freeware

Bulk Email Freeware

You can find some good bulk email freeware software, they might not have all the features that the paid software has, but they do the job.

If you need a professional system check my AWeber How To, to see how easy and cheap it is to use a bulk marketing service.

To send bulk email you have two options, use a local software or a remote software, local software is a program that is installed on your computer and does all the work, no need to have much technical skills to use it is a very simple way to send bulk email, if you want a remote software and you don't have any technical skills you may consider to subscribe AWeber.

Local Bulk Email Freeware Software

EmailSender is a very simple to use program, just download, install, load your list setup a message and it is ready to send mass emails.

EmailSender can send emails to unlimited lists, the program can send via SMTP server, MAPI, or delivers e-mail directly without ISP's mail system, it can even be used with free emails services like Gmail, check my How to send bulk email with Gmail hub for more information.

Remote Bulk Email Freeware Software

PHP List is the right choice for you, if you have the skills needed to implement it, it is easy to integrate in any website, this software is open source, so you can modify it if you need.

It has several professional features such as Open/View Tracking, Click Tracking and many others.

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