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Shade tree at public market in Olongapo PhilippinesShy Vendor at public market in Olongapo PhilippinesVeggie stand at a public market in Olongapo PhilippinesNight Spot on Waterfront Road in SubicDog Nap
Shade tree at public market in Olongapo Philippines
Shade tree at public market in Olongapo Philippines
Shy Vendor at public market in Olongapo Philippines
Shy Vendor at public market in Olongapo Philippines
Veggie stand at a public market in Olongapo Philippines
Veggie stand at a public market in Olongapo Philippines
Night Spot on Waterfront Road in Subic
Night Spot on Waterfront Road in Subic
Dog Nap
Dog Nap

A Decision To Make

Cell phones have become so much a part of mainstream life that is has transitioned from luxury to a convenience. Especially since there are so many options in phone styles to fit just about every need. From the student to the business executive, to families that would like be in closer touch with one another, to the small business owner needing help at running business a bit smoother. Cell phones have evolved to being not just a phone but a handheld mini-computer enabling access to the internet, sending and receiving email and text messages. Technology is constantly changing and now video has been introduced to these handheld wonders. It's amazing that one can shoot a video and post it on youtube or Facebook at a touch of a button. So when selecting a phone be wise about what your needs really are and don't get caught up in the "Best Phone" syndrome. The "Best Phone" is what fits your needs and what you are willing to pay.

Is The iphone Right For You?

I have had many cellphones and most have been good for what my needs were at the time. Currently I own an iphone and I am quite satisfied with it's service. However this may not be the case for every person. If you are currently intending to make the switch to an iphone here are some things to consider. The iphone main feature is it's 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display. It's amazingly responsive and doesn't lag. Switching from one applications is a snap and transition to another is quick. The multi-tasking ability is between voice and data so you can be on a phone call and surf the web at the same time. This feature is not available on CDMA networks such as Verizon. The other feature that allows for multi-tasking is the ipod portion of the iphone which allows you to listen to mp3's while using other applications except for the voice memo.

If you are into spreadsheets and writing documents there is an app available called Documents available that are compatible with MS Word and Excel. Otherwise there is the standard Notes application that is built in. As for the calling plans they range from $39.99 to $219.99. The Data Plan is required for the iphone and that is $30 per month. And once on the plan you cannot opt out of it as you are able to on some other phones.

Photograpy with the iphone is quite good with it's 3 megapixel camera and switching to video is done by using the slider to make the selection. However taking a picture of yourself is rather clumsy as the button to take the picture is small. The lighting adjustment can be made by tapping portions of the screen to either lighten or darken the image. The iphone Video is good and features H.264 video, up to 1.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second. However wind noise is easily picked up on the very sensitive built in microphone.

Buy now or wait for upgrade

If a new phone came on the market better than yours would you wait for your upgrade or buy it now?

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