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This is a Cerwin Vega Stroker 15

I managed to pull this out of a huge enclosure that housed 2 of these subwoofers connected in series. It is a 15" subwoofer and has a power rating of 1200 watts at 4 ohms
I managed to pull this out of a huge enclosure that housed 2 of these subwoofers connected in series. It is a 15" subwoofer and has a power rating of 1200 watts at 4 ohms

Subwoofer types

Well to start with there are subwoofers popularly used in automotive applications and subwoofers for home entertainment systems. Beginning as a local trend by enthusiasts of enhancing a simple car stereo system with larger speakers for that deep bass sound, it has transformed into a mainstream specialized custom speaker industry.You will find that it has become rather popular to build subwoofer systems by encasing them in enclosures so they look and sound better, as well as fit nicely in vehicles. So today you will find many manufacturers producing mainly two types of subwoofers. Sizes will vary from 8 to 21 inches in diameter, producing sound below the 100hz range.  In either case home or auto there are two types of subwoofers, passive and powered. The difference being passive speakers rely on power from the amplifying unit it is connected to as seen in car stereo systems. Whereas a powered subwoofer will have an amplifying unit contained within the speaker enclosure which is then connected to a main receiver, such as you would find for home entertainment systems.

Long List of Subwoofer Brands

Not to favor any particular brand I've provided a long list of manufacturers in alphabetical order. Just so you know there are many others besides the most known brands of which you will see in this list. Here they are:

ACI ADS Aerial Altec Lansing Aperion Athena Atlantic Technology Audiosource AV123 AxiomBag End B&W Bazooka Bic Boston Carver Cambridge Sound Canton Cerwin-Vega Danley Dayton Definitive Technology Dynaudio Earthquake Elan Elemental Designs Emotiva Energy Epik Focal Genelec HSU Infinity James Jamo JBL JL Audio KEF Klipsch Krell Legacy M&K Martin Logan MB Quart McIntosh Mirage Monitor Audio Monster Mordaunt Short MTX MuseNola Onkyo Outlaw Paradigm Phase Technology Polk PowerBass USA PSB RBH RelSeaton Sony Sunfire SVS Talon Thigpen Totem Triad Velodyne VMPS Von Schweikert Research Wilson Yamaha NHT Revel

Power Them Subwoofers

Now that you have your passive subwoofer what do you power them with? As with subwoofers there are many companies that produce amplifiers specifically for them. In some cases some of the subwoofer manufacturers also make amplifiers as well. Although not always the case, it is probably better to go with like manufacturers on both the subwoofer and amp. In most vehicle applications you may have to tailor your selection of equipment to the vehicle. Customizing takes careful planning and craftsmanship to assure proper desired effect and to get the most out of your system.

Nice Bass Test

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_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California

Like this hub! I think Wayne will like this one =)

BassMekanik 6 years ago

You forgot the brand names that matter such as Incriminator audio,RE audio, Fi, soundstream.

If you want BASS then i would forget about sony and other wal mart garbage

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