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HTC EVO Design 4G Reviews

The first 4G Smartphone that Boost Mobile made available for the Android Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage is the HTC EVO Design. This allows for the monthly payments to reach as low as $40/month after enough on-time payments. This was the most expensive phone Boost Mobile offered at one time, and with its price, you expect some pretty premium type features. Let's go over what some of those are, and how people feel about their experiences with this phone.


Operating System - Android 4.0 OS, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich

Processor - 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Processor, 768MB of RAM

Size - Height: 4.8", Width: 2.4", Depth: 0.5", Weight: 5.22 oz

Screen Size - 4" qHD LCD Touch Screen

Battery - Lithium Ion 1,520mAh, Removable, Talk Time of 5.1 hours

Memory - 2GB microSD card included, supports up to 32GB card

Green - Certified by the UL Environment to contain environmentally preferable materials that also have a minimal environmental impact.

HTC EVO Design 4G with Android 4.0
HTC EVO Design 4G with Android 4.0


Touchscreen Navigation and Texting

The qHD touchscreen allows you to control actions through a variety of touch gestures, including touch, touch and hold, swipe or slide, drag, flick, rotate, and pinch and spread. You can text by using the landscape layout of the keyboard, use the Swype keyboard, copy and paste, and enter text by speaking. There is also the availability of a predictive dictionary, to which you can add a specific name or specialized technical term.

Phone Calls

As cell phones were originally intended for, it makes and receives phone calls, has voicemail, and includes caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, and call forwarding. This phone includes Visual Voicemail, which allows for finding the exact message you wanted without having to go through every single voicemail you still have saved on your phone. Visual Voicemail lets you look through a list of messages with caller name and number, length of message, and priority level.

Wireless & Network Settings

There is an airplane mode which allows you to view your picture and video galleries, use the camera, and play music, while preventing the exchange of data and phone calls. This mode is to appease the FAA while you are on-board an airplane.

The Wi-Fi settings can be used to take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots giving you high-speed data access using available computer networks. The Bluetooth capabilities allow you to use wireless headsets and send and receive files with other Bluetooth capable devices.

Another neat feature of this phone is the Tethering and Sprint Hotspot, and this makes the phone the center for an internet connection, and you can hook up your computer or other devices using a USB cable or Sprint Hotspot. Sprint Hotspot shares the HTC EVO's data connection with up to eight devices, creating a secured Wi-Fi network, making the phone a Wi-Fi hotspot. With HTC Sync, you can use this phone as a modem, or connect to the internet through a computer that has internet access. You can also connect through a VPN to a secured local network.


This phone offers rear and front facing cameras. The rear camera is 5MP, and it has the capability of flash. While recording video, you can turn the flash on so that the image is continually lit. The phone will record video in high definition (1280 x 720), and while filming, you can easily zoom in and out, focus on a different subject area, and turn the light on and off.

While using the camera, the different settings that can be adjusted are self-timer, image exposure, contrast, sharpness, and saturation, white balance, resolution quality, auto-focus, and face detection. In video mode, you can select stereo recording or even whether or not to record audio at all. Many of these features are not available when using the front facing 1.3MP camera, but you can use that for a video call.

Boost Mobile's HTC EVO Design 4G Phone

As of this writing, you can get the phone from Boost Mobile for $299.99, or you can get it through the link below at for $5 less. The upfront price seems hard to swallow, but when you consider the monthly price for service as compared to some carriers, it may not be that bad for you. Compared to some service providers, you may want to consider where you will most likely use the phone, because Boost Mobile doesn't provide service to as many areas as others. So be sure to check out the Boost Mobile coverage area.

While avoiding two-year service contracts, you can get the Android Monthly Unlimited plan so that monthly payments start at $55/month, and the monthly rate decreases by $5 per six month interval until you reach $40/month. This allows for unlimited talk, text, web, email, calls to 411 and access to over 600,000 apps, music, and movies on Google Play.

Summary of HTC EVO Design 4G Reviews

Reading through the reviews on the Boost Mobile website, it gets 27 five stars, 6 four stars, 7 three stars, and 3 two stars. Let us get more in-depth.

Android 4.0 - Many people on multiple phones appreciate the Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0 operating systems on many phones, including this one. Most users find the phone is very responsive and quick, but there a minority that found it was too slow for them. Some people have mentioned too many factory installed apps, and reducing how many of these may be running in the background could save some battery life. Users find it is easy to download apps to the phone using Google Play.

3G/4G Speeds - 4G speeds are still a connection method relegated to the larger metropolitan areas. If you can take advantage of that, then your data transfer speeds will be among the best available. If you don't live in a 4G area, you can save battery life by turning off the 4G antenna. One person mentioned how they loved surfing the web while talking on the phone.

Battery Life - I found some mixed messages on this, so I'm left to make some assumptions. Many of the negative reviews of satisfied users speak specifically about wanting more battery life, and they didn't get that out of the box. Others who are fully satisfied say that the battery is fantastic. I'm willing to believe that those users just don't spend as much time handling the phone as other users, so the battery life is not a problem for them.

Another battery problem some users have experienced is the phone will get a little hot on them, and a sticker or two like those four along the bottom may come off. By keeping the number of running apps down, you find that the phone will be a little cooler for you. What I'm finding out through these reviews is, the less you use the phone and battery, the longer the battery lasts and the cooler it will run.

Camera - Most people are happy with the rear facing camera's picture and video qualities. That is likely to happen when you have the 5MP camera. One person states that they love using it for panoramic photos.

Price - The upfront price is a little steep for some people, but by avoiding those two-year contract plans, you make up for that price after a few months.

Storage - Only a couple of mentions by a few users, but I know I like music on my phone. Go ahead and expand your phones memory by buying a larger microSD card, up to a 32GB size.

Overall - Reading through all the reviews, this phone seems to be a love it or hate it phone. Good thing for Boost Mobile that most people loved it, and some of them didn't like the battery life. The rest were really disappointed all the way around.

HTC EVO Design Accesories

One of the more popular type products in the HTC EVO Design 4G are cases. Listed below are some inexpensive black and red hard case covers and a lot of multi-colored cases. I chose some of those with higher ratings according to Amazon. There is no shortage of cases to select from when you make a trip to

With the Bluetooth capability, here are a couple of iKross wireless headsets that can be used for hands-free phone calls.

With the GPS enabled navigability, you may want to get your hands on some windshield or dashboard mounts that makes following the directions easier. Here are some inexpensive choices below that allow the phone to rest either vertically or horizontally.

As with many cell phones, the battery life is just not satisfactory. You can keep the original battery in place as the manufacturer will almost always suggest, and find more ways to keep the phone fully powered, or you can get your hands on batteries that are designed to extend the time the phone can be used in between charges.

Here some of the extended batteries that can be used with the HTC EVO Design 4G.

The first item listed comes with 2 3500mAh batteries, an extended battery cover, and a red silicone case.

The next item comes from CHICHITEC, and it has 2 1900mAh betteries and a wall charger. Many positive reviews, but few remain in stock with Amazon.

If you have been an owner of the HTC EVO Design 4G, let us know what your experiences have been with the phone. We all have a different story to tell from our own experiences, some are good and some are bad, just let us hear what you have. If you have used the iPhone and an Android phone, let us know which you liked more and why.


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