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Reviews of the Kyocera Hydro Smart Phone

Boost Mobile has just added another smart phone to it's lineup of phones available for the Android Monthly Unlimited plan that can reach as low as $40/month. The name of this phone relates to its ability to withstand some submersion in water, which has been an accident for many a cell phone user. So let us check out the features or specs of the Hydro, many of the reviews of this phone, and some of the accessories that can be used to improve your smart phone experience.


Operating System - Android 4.0 OS, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich

Processor - 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, 512MB of RAM

Size - Height: 4.53", Width: 2.44", Depth: 0.5", Weight: 4.23 oz

Screen Size - 3.5" HVGA Touch Screen

Battery - Standard Battery, Removable, Talk Time of 3.3 hours

Memory - 2GB microSD card included, supports up to 32GB card

Green - Certified by the UL Environment to contain environmentally preferable materials that also have a minimal environmental impact.

Kyocera Hydro with Android 4.0
Kyocera Hydro with Android 4.0

Features of the Kyocera Hydro

Touchscreen Navigation

By including Android 4.0, you have the latest version of the Android Operating System available as of August 2012. As with the typical smart phones, the HVGA screen allows you to touch, touch and hold, drag, slide or flick, pinch and spread, and rotate. There is also text messaging, instant messaging, and multimedia messaging. You can enter text using the Swype method or the Android keyboard, and you can also use copy and paste from one application to another. Mobile web surfing is available with this phone.

This phone does what phones do. You can make and receive phone calls. There is Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Call Forwarding. The phone also has voicemail, which is provided by way of Visual Voicemail. This allows you to go through your saved messages and start playing the one you wanted to hear without going through all of them in the ordered that they were received. It can provide a list of the of the messages with the caller name and number, along with the length of call, and a priority level should you choose to assign one.

Wireless & Network Settings

Other connection methods give you the ability to connect via Wi-Fi for high-speed data access, mobile hotspot capability, but this phone only reaches a max of 3G speeds. The Bluetooth capability allows you to connect to wireless head sets and car kits, and you can send multimedia to other phones and computers wirelessly. There is also Airplane Mode which allows for uses of different features while keeping off the ability to call or receive data. The phone is also GPS enabled.

Being an Android phone, Google Play is available for downloading additional Apps that enhance the user experience with the phone. If the apps must be purchased, you will need to have a Google Wallet account in order to pay for that app.

Camera and Video

The camera included is 3.2 megapixels with flash, and it is also capable of recording video up to 480p resolution. Using your social networks, you can share photos on Picasa, videos on YouTube, or both on Google+, email/Gmail, bluetooth to other devices, and multimedia messaging.


The star Kyocera Hydro feature is that the phone is waterproof. Okay, well the manufacturer claims that up to a depth of one meter of water, it can be unaffected for thirty minutes. So, for the typical phone dropped in water, this phone will survive the trip. It is actually water-resistant.

Boost Mobile's Waterproof Phone

At this time you can get the Kyocera Hydro phone from Amazon and the Boost Mobile website for $129.99. The upfront price is pretty good when you consider paying for service by using the Boost Mobile Android Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage payment plan. Other mobile carriers can charge cheap prices for phones and make up for it with higher monthly prices locked into a two-year contract.

Highlights of the Hydro Reviews

Reading through the multitude of reviews on the Kyocera Hydro, I can tell you where people vary and where there tends to be consensus.

Android 4.0 - They love the operating system. One claims it is zippy, and they love to have the apps right at their fingertips. Features, performance, and ease of use all rank highly among users of this phone.

3G Speed - Not all areas even have a 4G capability, so most rely on a 3G connection speed. One person said they had to wait a little longer for YouTube videos to download on a 4G HTC EVO, but this phone's 3G was even faster for those videos and web surfing.

Battery Life - For those that don't go out of their way to mention it, they check that the battery is three or four out of five stars. Those that take the time to express their opinion on the battery say it doesn't last long enough for their tastes. The Eco Mode has been helpful for a few people in this regard.

Accessories to Enhance User Experience

You can get full body protective cases from Skinomi, in a multitude of designs from brushed aluminum, black carbon fiber, to light wood and brushed steel. These also include the flat ultra clear shield that covers the front of the phone, and it does not yellow or fade.

Here is a wireless bluetooth headset by iKross that you can use with the phone, for handsfree access. This comes with a talk time of thirteen hours, standby time of twelve days, and requires 2.5 - 4 hours of charging time. It has an extended range of about ten meters, and comes with an AC power adapter.

With its GPS navigation capabilities, you need a mount to get the phone up in the dashboard. Here is a mount that you can use to put the phone in the dashboard.

If you workout, this armband can keep the phone on your arm while have the display easily visible. It can be positioned either perpendicular or parallel to your arm, and the arm band currently ranges from nine to seventeen inches.

Considering all the discussion about the battery and unhappiness about it, if you could keep it charged, it would be an excellent phone. The phone when purchased comes with a wall charger, in which the part plugging into the wall separates by way of a USB port. This is the same USB port that allows for connecting the phone to a computer.

To keep the phone charged on the go, it is either carry the wall charger for your next stop at a building, or you can use a car charger while on the road. This one by A Days Tech allows for rapid and slow charging.

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If you have other opinions from your use of the Kyocera Hydro phone, please let us know what you like and what you don't. We could all use information on products before we spend our money on them, especially when it is hard to understand them without having had the chance to handle them.

Thank you for your time.


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