Buying China Phones: Configuring GPRS Internet and MMS Settings

Immediate Profit and Short-Term Success

Sellers of China mobile phones are able to find new business opportunities or profit growth by directly importing China phones from china. It pays off in both immediate profit and short-term success but at the expense of unsuspecting consumers.

Low Price Phones from China

You may ask, why buy so low price phones from China? The answer is low cost. China has a population of 1.5 billion and is a large country. There are many cheap labour forces in China. China is the workshop; no other country can be mentioned in the world. There are varied qualities of mobile phones in China meant for different markets – what you ask is what you get. The wholesale price from China is decimals or centesimal or maybe even less. Who is the biggest winner in the whole distribution? It’s the producers and the sellers. Who is the loser? It’s the consumers.

China Phone Model G-Tide W520

China Phone, Model G-Tide W520. A Mobile Phone with Dual SIM Card – Dual On, a Camera, FM Radio and Mp3/Mp4. It looks ideal for a seven years old youngster.
China Phone, Model G-Tide W520. A Mobile Phone with Dual SIM Card – Dual On, a Camera, FM Radio and Mp3/Mp4. It looks ideal for a seven years old youngster.

Dual SIM Card – Dual On

Two weeks ago, I was interested in a China phone, G-Tide’s W520 mobile phone. I wanted that china mobile phone to be used by my 7 years old boy. I figured it out that at its price, a dual sim card and a GPRS internet, my boy can be able to download games and also be able to save on callings costs by automatically interchanging network carriers on the “dual sim card – dual on” as he may deem necessary. And with a camera, FM radio and Mp3/Mp4, it looked ideal for a seven years old youngster. I also figured it out that I can use that phone as a standby GPRS internet connection if our usual internet connection was to go off.

China Phone Model G-Tide W520

The features provided by the manufacturers for China Phone Model G-Tide W520 were as follow:

  • Dual SIM Card, Dual on MMS
  • Elegant Slide Phone
  • MTK 6225- solution
  • TFT 1.8 Inch
  • 0.3M high resolution digital camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Mp3/Mp4, dual speaker
  • Voice Recorder
  • FM Function
  • GPRS Class 12 / WAP / MMS,
  • T-flash slot
  • Nokia Battery & Charger
  • Music: Midi, AMR, Mp3
  • Picture: BMP, JPG

Nokia 2630

Having looked at the features and its price of $64, I felt it’s a good price if it was to do what I wanted. A similar phone by Nokia, Nokia 2630, would have cost me $74 in this market - a difference of $10. I bought that china phone W520 at $64 because it looked very good to me and my boy was very happy. I checked at the FM radio, the camera and the Bluetooth. All worked well.

I Smelt a Rat

I called my mobile phone network carrier to send to me Configuration for GPRS internet and MMS settings. They normally send the settings through the network direct to the phone. Instead they asked me to provide my email address so that they can send the settings to me through the email address. Why? That GPRS setting for China phones have to be sent through the email address. This is where I started smelling a rat.

Dual SIM Card and a GPRS Internet

Two weeks ago, I was interested in a China phone, G-Tide’s W520 mobile phone. I wanted that china mobile phone to be used by my 7 years old boy. I figured it out that at its price, a dual sim card and a GPRS internet, my boy can be able to download games and also be able to save on callings costs by automatically interchanging network carriers on the “dual sim card – dual on” as he may deem necessary. And with a camera, FM radio and Mp3/Mp4, it looked ideal for a seven years old youngster. I also figured it out that I can use that phone as a standby GPRS internet connection if our usual internet connection was to go off.

1. GPRS Setting for the W520 Cell Phone

Within a minute I had my setting in my laptop computer ready to set GPRS setting for the W520 cell phone. Here are the three steps to follow:

Creating Data Accounts

(a) Open Services Menu

(b)Open Data Account

(c) Open GPRS

(d) Create/Edit Data account and enter the following values

*Account Name: Account Name as Provided by your Network

*User Name: User Name as provided by your Network

*Password: Password as provided by your Network

*Auth. Type: Normal

These steps worked fine and I had now created a Data account. I now had to go to the next step of Configuring WAP / GPRS / Internet Services Using the Data Account that I had created.

2. Configuring WAP / GPRS / Internet Services Using the Data Account

Configuring WAP / GPRS / Internet Services using the Data Account that I had created:

(a) Open Services Menu

(b) Open WAP

(c) Open Settings

(d) Open Edit Profile

(e) Create or Edit a Profile and enter the following values:

*Rename Profile: As Provided by your Network

*Homepage: As Provided by your Network

*Data Account: As Provided by your Network

*Connection Type: HTTP

*Proxy Address / Gateway: blank

*ProxyPort: 9201

*Username: As provided by your Network usually blank

*Password: As provided by your Network usually blank

*Select Done, then Save, then Activate profile

A Very Expensive Toy for My Boy

Everything worked fine until when I reached Proxy address / Gateway. Here the field provided had fixed digits and that button was inactive meaning I could not edit it. If I cannot put the gateway address, then the whole business of Configuring WAP / GPRS / Internet Services using the Data Account was not possible. All it means is that some functions have incomplete software in these China phones and therefore this G-Tide W520 is not a good phone. It’s not a good phone for WAP, GPRS internet and MMS settings. This G-Tide W520 is a very expensive toy I bought for my boy which was not my intention.

3.1 Creating MMS Data Account and Configure the MMS Setting

The next step was to create MMS data account and configure the MMS setting using the data account created.

Creating MMS Data Account

(a) Open Services Menu.

(b) Open Data Account.

(c) Open GPRS.

(d) Create or Edit Data Account and enter the following values:

*Account Name: As Provided by your Network

*APN: As Provided by your Network

*User Name: As provided by your Network usually blank

*Password: As provided by your Network usually blank

*Auth. Type: Normal

In creating MMS data account, no problem. This step worked well as expected.

3.2 Configuring MMS Using the Data Accounts Created

Configuring MMS Using the Data Accounts Created

(a) Open Messages.

(b) Open MMS.

(c) Open Message Settings.

(d) Open Server Profile.

(e) Create or Edit a Profile and enter the following values:

*Rename Profile: As Provided by your Network

*Homepage: As Provided by your Network

*Data Account: As Provided by your Network

*Connection Type: HTTP

*Proxy Address: As Provided by your Network

*ProxyPort: 8080

*Username: As provided by your Network usually blank

*Password: As provided by your Network usually blank

If your phone can now connects to the internet, you may need to check this article: Connecting Your Computer to the Internet using Your GPRS EDGE G3 UMTS HSDPA Mobile Phone

Software is Incomplete

In configuring MMS using the Data account created, this step did not work. There was no allowance for naming the data account, username and the password. This was another sign that this china phone model, G-Tide W520 mobile phone is either being forced a software that is not specifically for that phone or the software used is incomplete to the functions claimed it can perform.

G-Tide W520 Not a Good Phone for WAP, GPRS Internet and MMS

Again this China phone G-Tide W520 is not a good phone for WAP, GPRS internet and MMS settings. It will not work. This G-Tide W520 was a very expensive toy which I bought for my boy and that was not my intension.

Packaging Good and the Price is Low

It is not my intension to be against china or the phone G-Tide W520. The packaging was good and the price was low. The features sounded great but they turned out to have been lies to trick me into buying that china phone. I am not happy. I spent two days trying to configure GPRS that will not work. In two days I could have earn a few dollars which I could have added up to buy a good phone, say a Nokia model.

I Bought a Toy

Had it not been my interest for a dual sim phone and low prices I would not have bought that phone. Now I bought a toy.

English in Manuals is Very Poor

China, I am ashamed of you. The English in manuals is very poor. Why don’t you hire an expert from the English speaking countries to translate the manuals for you? You want to do everything for yourselves as if you are the only people in need of money. If other people will spend money on your products, then you have to reciprocate and hire qualified services to translate your China phones’ manuals. There are no short cuts here. If your instructions manual was well written, perhaps I would not have made that mistake of buying that toy that is selling as a phone.

Keep Off China Phones

I was not happy with that phone G-Tide W520 and recommend to anyone interested to keep off China phones, at least for now. Seriously though, if I was to give Nokia phones 70%, then I would give China phones 20%. Countries should evaluate their import restrictions so that such sub-standard phones are not allowed to be imported to unsuspecting consumers.

Perhaps you may want to check on this article: Dual SIM Nokia C2 – No More Fuss in Configuring GPRS Internet and MMS Settings on China Phones

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Ken Smith 7 years ago

Bought a Daxian x919 and I want to use it for browsing. But when I try to input the setting it does not work. Can you please send to me by email the correct settings and explanation on how to go about it.

Thank you.


ngureco profile image

ngureco 7 years ago Author

Thank you, Ken, for your comment. I currently do not have settings for china phone model x919 but as soon as I have the settings, I will post them for you to have.

craig 7 years ago

so i just bought a phone from china, it's a knock off of the samsung omnia. the phone is called a "sansung shg-i900s" seems to kinda work ok i guess, but i'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to work the phone. i went to the actual samsung website and looked at the manual for the omnia, but it's different from the phone i have. the manual that was shipped with the phone is in chinese, all symbols. i can't read it, and i have been looking online everywhere for an english manual for the china phone, and can't find one. i'm so aggravated because there are a lot of features i don't know how to use. can anyone help me? i'm desperate. my email is thank you for whoever can help me!

ngureco profile image

ngureco 7 years ago Author

If you have the Chinese manual, then you will have to translate what you can't figure out in English by using sites such as

deepak 7 years ago

inter net use

paul,  7 years ago

I CAN'T get the internet to work right on my new G-TIDE W520. PLEASE HELP. its a real bother though everything else is ok.

ngureco profile image

ngureco 7 years ago Author

Paul, internet will only work on your G-TIDE W520 if you are in China.

jean 7 years ago

i bought a china phone handset model N96i how can i configure my mms gprs settings?

galing 7 years ago

china are dead in inventions

Alico 7 years ago

I bought a chinese phone on Ebay for price of $300.00 from Australian seller, and the mobile phone is called Vision T800+, and the functions are just unbelievable!!

Look what it has!

Dual Sim CardCrystal Clear TV PlayerTV Recorder to *.avi files with 1Gb FreePlays FM Radio without headsetsRecords FM RadioTouchScreen - Built-in Stylus pen

and the most interesting thing it has, Voice Pitch, that's means you can change your voice to a Child/Female/Male/Robotic/Machine etc..

Lol, I thought the coolest mobile phone in the world is iPhone, but actually I was wrong. I just wished didn't by this Stupid iPhone 8GB it cost me $900 and nothing in it only with nice looking, was of money lol.

Also, people if you want to use the internet by Windows mobile with Wi-Fi or use your computer!

waysale 7 years ago

hi can u please tell me more settings about refurbished blackbarry ?

Onyeka Okoye 7 years ago

pls am using nokia c800+ but i can't receive or send mms. Hoe do i get bthe mms settings

c k  7 years ago

I bought some phones from this site, they can set the GPRS easily.

BaghdadiBoy 7 years ago

People if you wanna use the GPRS or MMS you need to setup the setting correctly!!

For instance if you wanna use the Internet and you just bought a phone from overseas, don't expect it gonna work!!

So, to setup the GPRS or MMS settings you have to visit your Corrier or your Network's website! and they should provide you a form that's means you fill in your info about your mobile phone and your phone number. Then they will send you the settings and you just have to install them.

That's all!!

ngureco profile image

ngureco 7 years ago Author

The problem with most China phones is that they have  "incomplete" softwares which will not work no matter the internet settings you have. 6 out of every ten China phones will not connect to the internet.

YASSER 7 years ago


Lhood 7 years ago

Hi, I bought a Hello Kitty 8GB Mini Iphone from Ebay from Hong Kong(Unlocked), and it's decent I guess. I don't like texting on it,but that's not the issue at hand.

I would love to know how be able to access the internet and send/receive MMS.

Please email me your response @

Because this website was a one time find, and I may never go on it again. Thanks for your time.

mars 7 years ago

how to open my gprs in china phone model of n1100??? 7 years ago

you just inform your network to open you gprs and mms. and then tell your model sony ericson p900. that's it.

Nigel 7 years ago

i have bought a Odyssey-Quadband Dual Sim mobile phone from china vision. Can anyone tell me how to configure mms etc for vodafone.


ima 7 years ago

china is d best

ridwanadegoke 7 years ago

help me to configure my china 750 phone

gramsmith profile image

gramsmith 7 years ago

Is china-phones working well with GPRS-MMS connectivity????

francismuch 7 years ago

i have just bought a china blackberry phone a dual sim and cannot configure to internet with Zain or MTN network, what must i do??

teejcee 6 years ago

ngureco...I too have had problems setting up MMS on a chinese phone & without your detailed steps as listed, I would not have been lost. You were so close....!!! The trick is when you are entering the ip address, enter leading zero/s for any part of the address with less than 3 digits. i.e if the address given to you is say enter it as This may apply to other problems as well...I don't know as I don't use my phone to browse the net etc. Hope this helps everyone..Good luck...!

KA08 6 years ago

Thanks for the article

badji 6 years ago

hi i bought a g-five mini e71 china fone and same problem sending and receivng MMS,can any one give me instruction on how to set it to work,bcoz before im using nokia fone and it is working fine i can send and receive MMS,but wen i transfer my simcard to this g-five mini e71 china fone,sending and recving MMS wont work,plzzzz..i nid help guys..tenkz a lot.. me at this acct.

ADEEGBE JANET 6 years ago


Dalisay Albulario 6 years ago

how to open gprs in n100?

send me in my e-mail..

ngureco profile image

ngureco 6 years ago Author

Lhood,Adeegbe Janet and Dalisay Albulario: the settings have been sent to you at the email addresses you provided.

mil 6 years ago

how to open gprs and how to receive mms to iphone ?through other country ?

Cell phone trick 6 years ago

China cell phones are just a load of crap, they are after money and short-time profit, poor quality and low price, that's what they offer.

You get what you pay.

Ezra 6 years ago

Hi there just bought a China Phone C8000 Wi-Fi Mobile TV Mobile. It keeps telling me GPRS not Subscribed when I have just doen everything to enter all data provided to me. Please help me. e-mail is:


samy 6 years ago

i get ad-8 i need the setting for simplemobile on it

bampz 6 years ago

i bought e99i, what is the password pls i want to change it....

rob 6 years ago

how can i set up the internet on a g-tide e908 phone?can anyone help me

june 6 years ago

I just got my Hello Kitty phone in the mail from china and luckily i already knew the internet was NOT going to work. I bought it purely for the look, although it does have a nice Mp3/Mp4 player and loud speaker, a flash/flashlight. A decent camera/video recorder that has a bunch of diff. functions. An am/fm radio, and a few other nice add-ons. I'm not sure that i will ever be able to set up the internet...i didn't expect too but if someone knows a way that i can try im all for it. I just won't hold my breath :) great article.

Muhammad Mumtaz 6 years ago

please help how to activate internet on china blackberry

i don't know about this codition otherwise no need of china mobile who have no MMS internet GPRS

my id is

sandra  6 years ago

pl z i really need gprs in my phone in case u have a solution pl z call me 08067633410 thanks

yokolo 6 years ago

I can't get my new Duet WG6 to browse ie can't config the browser,gprs.

i need help ASAP

thanks all

wilson 6 years ago

I bought a china model blackberry 8900 wth dual sim, I have tried to no avail to connect to the net, I reside in nigeria I am currently on mtn and etisalat. please help if posible, my email address is

albhert 6 years ago

I cannot open it, i can't find the GPRS link in my phone. i only found Internet Service..A8 is my phones model..can you help me to open my gprs connection..can't also connect to the intenet..pls email me at

ephantus 6 years ago

how to operate Google in s603

austy 6 years ago

i also have one a nokia e71 china phone please give me also the settings to get gprs cus i don't know how to connect it always says gprs not subscribed please email me @ thx sir

whisley 6 years ago

i don't know mine is not working can somebody help me out

denseh 6 years ago

i need nokia c800+ phone setup

cliffbrown 6 years ago

hi all,i am having a samsung D900phone. and want to configure a internet on need a help

here is my E


cliffbrown 6 years ago


Yolida 6 years ago

so china phones can't access internet?? : (

guy sendeli 6 years ago

bought a china model i89 pro like (blackberry 8900 )wth dual sim, I have tried to no avail to connect to the net,by t mobile uk . please help if posible, my email address is

jonathan 6 years ago

metre l'internet 6 years ago


I have BB 9700 chinese brand, i not able to connect wifi, i have wirless modem, when i search connection my moden was shown, and its was connected with server, in main screen i can see wifi connectivity symbol, but when i m going open browser or site, Massege came " Internet Connection Failed " Please help me. how to solved this problem? 6 years ago

hi.. i recently bought iphone4 clone model e9000.. i can't connect to internet.. says java application stopped.. connection failed.. then i called Globe.. w/c is my provider here in the Philippines saying that i need to activate GPRS.. problem is they need a phone model before i can do it.. they don't have listings for china model phones.. is there any recommendation for this? thanks in advance

James UK 6 years ago

I bought a Barcalona touch screen phone from China vision. I can't get on the internet, my PC does not recognise it but more to the point I can't get help to sort it out. However when you look at comments on their site they are raved about.

TERRY 6 years ago


daphne 6 years ago

Hi.. This is daphne, I bought a china phone E91 model and tried to set/access the Internet and GPRS but still it doesn't work..could you please assist me with this?..By the way here's my e-add and mobile number for the information ( and 09267619708).. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

joecross profile image

joecross 6 years ago from london

Hi i bought a phone blackberry bold 9700 from china and i'm trying to use the internet on the phone but it does not work. can you help me please?

Graham 6 years ago

Hi, I wish I had read this article before buying a dual sim from China.

I have bought a W301 Dual Card 3G WCDMA JAVA WIFI 3.2 Inch Touch Screen Cell Phone. Is it Possible for you to assit me what info i require to get and the settings? The Wlan works fine at home but i have an account for surfing the web on my mobile which i organised before the phone arrived.

please email me at

thanks graham

Mayuyu-Chan 5 years ago

I bought a Hello Kitty DX6188 phone from ebay and it arrived today. In teh serive menu, it only has: Pocket News and Intrenet serive. I checked my whole phone, but it has nothing. Somebody please assist me, It is GPRS.

Another thing, The phone is apparently 15.1 Megapixel Camera, but it looks more like 1 megapixel. I think I got ripped off!!!

ANyone if you can help with my internet, please email me, or add me on MSN:

thank-you, Mayu Chan.

luke 5 years ago

cell phone for a 7 year old ??!! ok

Jayz 5 years ago

I bought a chinese phone on Ebay from an Australian seller a Quadband Dual Sim Smart Phone4 Touchscreen. I am having problem accessing internet, MMS, JAVA etc, its a night mare! I spend almost 48 hours trying to find tips from the internet on how to get it set up and configure it for the internet excess.

Please if anyone has any idea which could help me setup pleazzzzzz email me, my email address is:

ariesgabito 5 years ago

i need help how to open my internet services of iphone 4G and n79i...this is my email hope you help me...thanks a lot..

damilola 5 years ago


Imran ansari 5 years ago

I need gprs setting on my imedia i99 mobile.

shree 5 years ago

Thank you for the settings above in your article it actually made my phones internet work ! i thought my phone is useless but slowly more things are working with various settings sooo thanks (:

Alosam 5 years ago

Hi, am Alosam. Plz can any one help me with {Etisalat or MTN} maunal configuration. My email>

vanity 5 years ago

hello..please help me work the internet of my black berry china phone wifi. please send me the answer thru my email:

Romel 5 years ago

Help me pls... I buy a N8 china phone and i want to activate the GPRS but i don't know how to make it.... Pls help me....

email me @

khumza 5 years ago

these phones are stupid,first complicated,second no GPRS and MMS settings for,all that glitters is not gold.

cc 5 years ago

never mind i bought a blackberry phone from china shop and i thought it was a jackport whereas my money down the toilet this phones are crap.

JOY 5 years ago


virgilio umbao 5 years ago

I bought a black berry 9000 (china made phone) and it will never configured to either GPRS or MMS. I already contact the network but the response is "configuration would be complete". what should I do?

jeanny pearl 5 years ago

how to open my GPRS my mobile phone is 3688 it is a china phone

STEVE ABEL 5 years ago


friday 5 years ago

sir, my phone can n't connet to internet by this method, am using china,the phone tpye is is dual sim

Prince 5 years ago

how to open my GPRS my mobile phone is minie71 it is a china phone

honey 5 years ago

hello!i bought a blackberry china phone and i have the same problem n using the to open my GPRS?

Lily 5 years ago

i bought a china E73 and i spend more that 48 hrs trying to fine setting for mms, internet ect...can anybody help? send settings to

Jayden 5 years ago

hi can you please help me connect to internet on sophone v3 android 3G WCDM. need your help please

Jayden 5 years ago

ooops sorry.... my message above my email address

moses 5 years ago

hi i need internet setting for nokia c7 china phone network

vodacom south africa my e mail

money talk 5 years ago

hey guys i bought an epad phone from china it says it support gsm but it doesn't support gprs i can only make phone call and receive but i can't receive or send mms but most of the phone that says gprs always support msm and mms please guys let me know what to do

MWAPE 5 years ago

How to confiqure mtn line for free browsing

patrick 5 years ago

hie thanks for the article....i bought a china motorola ex300 and i need to know how to set up the internet to work,email me the instructions at

Fone 5 years ago

Hi..thanks for the article. I have been a victim of a China phone too. Later, I realised that it have would be much cheaper to buy a genuine second hand or new. The good thing is that the shop attendats don't lie. They will tell you it is a 'copy'. For your sake just say you want original. Never buy China phone or any product they say it is copy...always go for original.

Judy 5 years ago

Chinese phones wont connect to the internet.Don't buy them,you are wasting your money.

gary bras 5 years ago

i have the gunslinger do anyone no how to set up gprs for at@t or t-mobile

CNC-SA 5 years ago

Hi, Can someone assist me in setting up of mms, gprs, internet, java for a China imported Wifi Zoho 738 tv touch screen phone? New iphone... I think. I need MTN Settings.... If someone can help with the proxy, apn....all that information. Customer care referred to data support who sends a link and can't connect to it. Apparently the settings just need to be added. I can do it if I have the correct details which I cannot find on the MTN site. Please help...

vincent 5 years ago

i have china mobile,chinese nokia is not accessing internet,why

HEUIM 5 years ago


abifiker 5 years ago

please help me nokia c2 dual sim configuring internet setting my country is Ethiopia please send me.

Love 5 years ago

Well I purchased a TV Mobile phone model S61 with dual Sim cards and I need help! Can't get on the internet and cannot send pics..

krish 5 years ago

can you help me to set wifi in chinese n8

tarina 5 years ago

I brought a china phone look like a iphone 4 i can not dial out or tex message on it but i can receive calls and te,the internet do know how to go on it to get it to work,please help me it is a CE 0434 phone dual sm #355501019013023cand 355501019013024 my email address is thank you

Israel mesfin 5 years ago

my i phone 4 china is not configure gprs help me now!!!!

Nwokolo uc 5 years ago

Pls ineed etisalat configuration for jmax china me on or to08196193947

ANIL SINGH 5 years ago

hi, i brought a chinese mobile iPhone(designed by apple california assembled in china). plz tell the procedure of GPRS setting.


jessy 5 years ago

hey, i bought a china black berry torch model 9800, please i can't configure internet and gprs on my phone, and my battery need constant charging , pls some one should me , i need the configuration ,

mark 5 years ago

I need to configure my phone

santi 5 years ago

i bought an olive v-g70. how do i configure it for gprs setting?

double-g 5 years ago

stupid china phone

melody prado 5 years ago

i have blacberry Q5 how can i open gprs pls email me at

JAMOSKY 5 years ago


Hammad 5 years ago

please help me nokia c2 dual sim configuring internet setting my phone

Layane 5 years ago

I have been strugling with the gprs 4 nokia E71 plz send me the settings on 0797421451 and these phones are shit and don't so u cld syv ur money

ivy stanton 5 years ago

hey, i bourght a chinease iphone clone and don't get any signal when i insert my orange uk 3g simcard. i have also tried a normal t mobile and 02 sim but none seem to work :( this means i can't send an sms or phone people, does anyone know is there is anything i can do??? thanks! :)

afusat 5 years ago

ch?na phone ?s not good at all

gulfeshan 4 years ago

china mobile is very interest mobile

nancy8wild 4 years ago

I too just bought a china phone last sunday and well its working well for me coz i don't use the internet and im only using the other services and yeah they are fine, its just that im afraid for it to fall off coz they say china phones,in just one ''bump'', it'll be ruined. and i guess it is true that's why im just handling it with care so as to have a longer life ''china phone'' and not break it and buy again :)

giyon 4 years ago

i bought a DONOD(D8) model china phone last month.but still now i can't access internet service help me?

sahidaini 4 years ago

hi every one .. i bought a china cellphone BlackBerry F110 recently ... but i have problem on internet configuration ... i can't launch setting GPRS, because the written for launch of configuration is highlight and it nonfunctional .... plz help me f sum1 know about internet configuration in this model chines cp

tnx very much

that my address facebook that u can send ur answer

satya maharana 4 years ago

I bougth a mobile Suny ericssom Expet china set BUT I COULD NOT browse internet SO PLEASE I NEED AN HELP FOR INTERNET CONFIGURATION ON this Mail id THANK'S.

y rennard 4 years ago

i bought a star N8. can't setup or configure internet. can you please help me setup phone. thank you


C.A.C Ibekwe 4 years ago

China phones are bad from technical and health perspectives. The don't function optimally and they emit high doses of harmful radiations.

onemoremobile 4 years ago

egbusiri 4 years ago

pls hw can i configure 2go to my phone nokia n70

andre 4 years ago

you guys should try this for mtn ip adress 010.212.199 apn

Raheem Alao 4 years ago

I bought Nokia G30 screentouch phone, but could not be able to configure over2 month ago.please,what can i do? My email address is

mart 4 years ago

i need to configure mms and gprs settings in my s5570 phone, please help me... its a china phone...

linda 4 years ago

i brought q 7 china phone pls how will i activate the internet ?my email is i will be experting msg

rode 4 years ago

I bought a so called nokia L8 from China until when i realized that it's not a Nokia phone actually. I paid a lot of money for it but i can't connect to the internet, its just a useless toy. I WILL NEVER BUY A CHINA PHONE AGAIN!!!!!!

jhers 4 years ago

pls.. help me to configure my MMS and GPRS settings in may SKY-MOBI z6816 i try to active but ERRor even the WiFi Network failure....plzz help me.... my email...

bothwell 3 years ago

gt a china phone sansui fd3 bt the box is written sunsamg galaxys and it runs android 236,can't connect to internet using mobile network even after setting everyting,bt it cn connect wit wifi any idea hw i cn make it connect via mobile netwrk

lezig 3 years ago

jai acheté un portable marque sansui fd3 jai voulu reconfigurer et depuis je n'arrive plus a reouvrir et ca n' affiche que du chinois ou japonais aidez moi sil vous plait

Zigani Boniface profile image

Zigani Boniface 3 years ago from Kalsaka Department

jai acheté un potable sansui fd3 androïde en voulant reconfigurer ça s'est bloqué et je n'arrive plus a avoir accès au téléphonr quand bien mm c'est allumé et ça s'affiche en chinois ou japonais aidez moi s'il vous plait

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