C Program To Add Two Given Numbers

Link To Download Turbo C

Turbo C was Devlopoed by "Borland International Inc" It Provides an Integrated environment where the entire programming progress can be carried out without leaving the package. An inbuilt editor is provided for entering the program. All task are done through pull down menus. I have uploaded "TURBO C" on Mediafire.com Click on the link given below to download file.


After Downloading, Unzip the File, And Click on "INSTALL.EXE"

[NOTE: You Must Install "Turbo C" in "C:/ Drive" of Your Computer. Else it will not work.]

Program To Add Two Numbers in "C"

/*Hello, This Program helps you to add 2 numbers*/



void main()


int num1, num2, total;

printf("Enter the first number to be added\n");


printf("Enter the second number to be added\n");



printf("%d + %d = %d\n",num1,num2,total);

printf("Program Developed By Mighty Akshay www.mightyakshay.hubpages.com");



How To Use this Program

For Using the above program, follow these steps;

1] Download TURBO C from the link mentioned above (see "Link To Download Turbo C" section).

2] Unzip the file "Turbo C by Mighty Akshay (www.mightyakshay.hubpages.com).zip" after downloading it.

3] Install TURBO C by clicking on the file "install.exe"

4] Copy my program and paste it in Notepad. Save the notepad file and close notepad.

5] Then right click on your saved notepad file and select properties.

6] In the General Tab, Click on "CHANGE" button.

7] Then Click on Browse.

8] Go to "My Computer/C drive/TC/Bin

9] Then select "TC.EXE" and click on Open, OK, Apply and OK.

The Program will Open in Turbo C...!!!

[TIP : To Run The Program, Press Ctrl+F9]

Output Of The Given Program


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