CNC Engraving Equipment

CNC machines and engraving equipment are commonly used in schools and factories. CNC, the abbreviation for Computer Numerated Control, first came into use in the 1970s and are used in many places today. To use them at first, they have to be programmed. Once the initial programming is done, they are very simple to use. Learning how to program CNC equipment and machines usually takes a special schooling.

CNC machines are very expensive and are usually only purchased for industrial use. They are sometimes purchased used for a lesser cost and used for woodworking jobs where you want repetitive cutting. When purchased for factories, they are typically used for drilling holes, cutting out designs, and for providing finishing touches are products. They are time saving and very accurate.

CNC Routers and Lathers

Businesses that deal with large loads of drilling projects, they use CNC routers. These routers provide consistent and accurate results. Certain jobs can be too large and repetitive for manual drilling. When too much repetition happens, people make mistakes.

A CNC lather is excellent for cutting wood and is often used in the making of furniture pieces. Businesses purchasing these wood engraving machines get them in different levels of horsepower. The horsepower chosen on an engraver is dependent on the wood type and requirements of the business. Some of the more expensive CNC woodworking machines have different modes of power. Each power level is suitable for a different type of job.

Mac Industries has a wide portfolio for engraving.  The above image of an idea of what they can achieve.  Simply amazing.
Mac Industries has a wide portfolio for engraving. The above image of an idea of what they can achieve. Simply amazing.

Engraving Materials

There are tons of different types of engraving equipment using CNC technology. These are used to engrave glass, stone, wood, metal and almost any material you desire. They are fast and more accurate than it could ever be done manually. Businesses love these machines for their ability to tackle any sized job--big or small.

If you're thinking of starting a small business, you'll discover engraving to be a great industry to get into.  Many people love getting personalized engraved cups, mugs, pens, and other gifts for the holidays and birthdays.  With CNC engravers, you can achieve a dream of having your own successful business.

Getting Your Own CNC Engraver

Due to their expensive nature, CNC machines are rarely obtained by individuals. Most small businesses or individuals, however, don't need to the power that these machines provide on most typical days. If you do happen to need one of these machines, you'll be most interested in a used or refurbished model. Refurbished equipment is a better option than used because they are usually totally repaired as well as coming with some sort of warranty.


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