Best PC Gaming CPU Coolers 2013 - Fan Vs. Water

The Hyper 212 CPU Cooler is an inexpensive and effective Cooler that comes with the option to add an additional fan.
The Hyper 212 CPU Cooler is an inexpensive and effective Cooler that comes with the option to add an additional fan.

When building a PC it's important to remember that computer hardware that maintains a lower temperature is both more performance efficient and will last you longer. There are many cooling options out there and most come with universal adapters for LGA 1155, 1156, 1366, AM2, AM3, 939, and other sockets; however, I still, recommend that you check product specifications to make sure that the fan will fit to your motherboard.

Some performance and gaming enthusiasts take cooling to the next level with liquid cooling or nitrogen cooling methods. In this hub on the best CPU coolers of 2013 I'll try to highlight various CPU coolers for all budgets.

Top Rated CPU Coolers

Water CPU Coolers vs. CPU Fan Coolers

Before I begin I wanted to mention that many performance enthusiasts have noted in the under $100 category that often a CPU fan cooler will do just as good as a Liquid Cooler.

One inexpensive option that makes a huge difference is adding a cooling fan to your CPU. The featured CPU cooler in this post is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO which is a CPU cooler that gives you one of the best bangs for your buck. Maximum PC recently did an article that showed that within the $100 range the Hyper 212 EVO was in the top 5 despite it's $30 price tag. The only worthwhile upgrade in that particular range would be Corsair's H100.

*Installation Tip - While this hub will not cover CPU cooler installation I suggest you take a look at the YouTube video I've listed below for a visual reference for your installation. This makes the process very simple. If you decide upon one of the CPU coolers on the right I also recommend you do this. This will save you time and ensure proper installation.

5 stars for Hyper 212 Evo

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler

While you could expect to pay much more for a CPU cooler of this caliber Cooler Master has kept the price down on the third release in the wildly popular 212 series with the 212 EVO.

I've placed this exact CPU cooler in several rigs that I've put together over the years and it hasn't failed to do the job yet!

One of the nifty things about the Hyper 212 EVO is that Cooler Master has given you room and an option for a second fan (not included). While I haven't noticed a need for this with my own PC builds (I prefer to not overclock too much) it may be an option that some serious performance enthusiasts find useful.

Another thing I like about it is that the fan seems to balance between when you need it the most and not and overall is barely noticeable with your PC on. I also like that it comes with the thermal paste which can save you a few dollars so you don't have to purchase an entire tube.

All in One Socket Fit

The Hyper 212 plus comes with a versatile all-in-one solution for any LGA socket you'll come across including 1155, 1156, 1366, AM3, and AM2 (Phenom II, Athlon, Sempron, i Series CPU etc...).

What one verified owner said about the Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler:

"I installed this heatsink to a week-old i5 750 CPU. Temps were running 45C idle with stock heatsink. After applying the Hyper 212+, the i5 dropped to 28C idle. I have yet to encounter temperatures above 35C on heavy load. Overclocking the i5 to 3.6GHz, the temps rise to 37C idle, which is simply amazing. I previously tried to O/C with the i5's stock heatsink, and the temp skyrocketed to 65C after booting Windows....

The Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler "Comes with a 120mm fan attached onto the heatsink. The metal clips make it very easy to remove the fan for heatsink installation. Has an extra two metal clips in case you would like to add an additional fan on the opposite side for more airflow. In terms of noise, my case fans are louder than the packaged 120mm fan. The PC is positioned about 10 feet away from my bed, and I have no trouble sleeping because of noise...."


I hope you enjoyed this hub on the best CPU coolers of 2013. If you have, then please participate in this hub by leaving a comment below. You can support me by visiting my other computer hardware related hubs.

Hyper 212 EVO Installation

Top Rated CPU Coolers Online

Corsair Hydro Series Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler H100i
Corsair Hydro Series Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler H100i

If you want to upgrade beyond the 212 EVO, then go with the H100. I don't see a lot of benefits to CPU coolers in between. If you need additional performance, then using a kit for your own CPU cooler in the $300 range is probably the best way to go (beyond the H100).


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