Canon Hg20 SUCKS!

Very light camera. Almost scary.
Very light camera. Almost scary.

It doesn't really suck...but it doesn't usb live stream

As everyone out there...I did research for a couple of weeks before coming to the conclusion of what $100-$600 HD camera to buy.

When I twittered and asked people...they all responded like I was an idiot, telling me, "Go for the Canon". I do know Canon cameras are the superior echelon when it comes to picture quality.

I was looking for an internal hard drive Hi-def camera to record my band's concerts, and possibly do weekly or bi-weekly youtube uploads of behind-the-scenes content for my band. I totally spaced-out and forgot I might want to do live video podcasts on and/or Youtube Live(I think YOUTUBE Live its scheduled to launch on November 22 2009). I went for the Canon HG20...the best super Hi-def camera for under $1000 with 60gb of internal extra cards needed(though it does have memory card ports).

I set the frames to 24 frames per seconds...that's the frames used on film...makes your footage more palatable and fools peoples eyes/minds. Although 30 frames is the best recommended for online uploads...still experimenting with settings.


There is no solution for this at this moment(maybe when usb 3.0 comes around).

The Canon does not have a firewire connection but that was fine by me because neither does my laptop. If there was firewire on both, we could do live streaming no problem.

Searching online for hours I discovered someone recommending to connect the camcorder to the HDMI input on your computer. I don't have an HDMI input on my laptop. So... the other option is to buy a USB to HDMI female adapter/converter.

Doing even more research I came up with another theory...if you have a VGA Input on your computer perhaps you can connect the camcorder to the VGA and stream this way.

In my personal case I think the VGA port on my laptop is for output only.

SOLUTION: I am going to pay Radio Shack and/or Best Buy a visit and test if the USB to HDMI adapter works.

Keep Posted for the outcome...or maybe you know something I don't. Please share.

HDMI to VGA adapter

HDMI to VGA adapter
HDMI to VGA adapter

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Eric Woods 6 years ago

So how did this work for you? Where you able to broadcast live from your hg20 or hg21? What OS were you running?

HollywoodRasta profile image

HollywoodRasta 6 years ago from Hollywood Author

Glad you asked! I am running Vista on a cheap compaq laptop. I solved that problem on this page:

Matt Hoffman 5 years ago

I was deeply disappointed by a friends Vixia camera. A serious camera worth it's salt would use firewire, not USB.

There's a reason serious editors use MACs and not the glorified typewriter that is the PC. I can do more faster with a flip, on a Mac, than the 'never able to find' junk that is vixio. I am extremely competent, and no amount of fixes, searches or installs could get the joke of a camera (canon) to connect via USB. I told my friend to get his money back, and get a Panasonic with firewire, and eventually dump PCs ( PC software is like rotting fruit, and PCs are incredibly unstable) and go MAC.

Sure Macs have issues too, but not like PCs. I have produced over 217 shows on cable, many award winning, and NONE made with Canon or a PC. You could not GIVE me a Canon as a gift. I say go Panasonic all the way.

HollywoodRasta profile image

HollywoodRasta 5 years ago from Hollywood Author

Hi Matt thanks for your comment. Coming on a little strong there Matt...hahaha...yeah if I had to buy a camera now I would most definitely reach out for a more plug and play cam. The quality on the Canon is awesome but I find myself not using it as much because of its overall inconvenience (bulk, uploading, converting). But it is a great camera if that does not bother you.

As far as the Mac vs PC thing goes...I think most computer savvy people know Macs are better but not everyone can afford one...sure Macbooks are becoming more affordable but an entry level Mac laptop begins at $800 while the same specs on a windows laptop $350+...I guess you get what you pay for. In my case I lucked out and bought a brand new Compaq laptop for $350 3 years ago....I save all the work on external harddrives and keep diagnostics up to date. If I would have coughed up an extra $500 at that time I might have been able to save some time and several PC headaches...but one can argue that saving that money allows you to also be able to update your computer every couple of years. Bottom-line in my opinion if you got the money or can pay off in a few payments go for the Mac. In my case I am a full time musician and SHOULD have a mac but unfortunately like I said I am a full time musician and I don't always have that kind of money.

Matt Hoffman 5 years ago

I hear you Rastaman, and the way I got into Macs, was a long and winding road. The readers digest version: Had a Mac plus in 89, upgraded as far as Perform a (the lame mac years when memory and programs were expensive). Then I went PC for 10 horrific years, until I refinished the hardwood floors of an attorney with gout in exchange for a G4, then got a second G4 used. Other World Computing sells a chip upgrade for around 150-200, which, as a DJ

was affordable to turn a 450 mhz processor in a 1.3 gig.

At one point, I built 2 towers from scratch,one Mac, one PC matching specs, and compared the time to ingest a 3min video and the PC took 30 minutes to do what the mac did in 3.

After 2hours of every possible tech trick we gave up. The canon seems to have a nice enough picture but it's

sorely lacking in usability. The Flip HD (bought at an online property room)for 89.00 is frankly amazing, and works on both PC and Mac. It is difficult to find a prosumer camera that would make a Band sound good while giving a good picture. I guess you could run from an out put on the mixing board, directly into the mic of the camera...Best wishes. I hope your band has nothing but success!

send it back to camera. The mac

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