Canon Inkjet Printers

History of the Canon Printer Brand

Canon was originally established in 1933 by Goro Yoshida and Saburo Uchida. Before the name "Canon" was established, the company was named Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. In the beginning, their original business goal was to create a 35 mm camera. Their goal was realized in 1934, when the Kwanon camera was made but never released to the market.

Because they were not able to make their own lens for their camera, the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory had to use one provided by Nippon Kogaku Kogyo (now known as Nikon).  Three years after the initial founding of the business, they released the Hansa Canon to the public.  After that, Canon, as we know them now, was established.

Canon today sells a broad range of products from cameras, to printers, to other common office products and solutions.  Funny enough, although cameras were their original "thing", Canon's main profit is from the sale of their office products and inks. 

Canon, as a brand name, has always been associated with success and quality.  Canon printers, known for that superb quality, have always been on top of people's office wish lists.

Canon Pixma Printers

If you've ever wanted a printer for printing great photographs and everyday prints, Canon has a line of printers great for just that.  Canon Pixma printers have been part of their printer lineup for years now and have been great for every type of use you can imagine.  One of my printers, in fact, is a Canon Pixma MP170 that has been a treat to use for several years now.

The Canon Pixma series comes in all shapes, sizes, and solutions.  Whether you need a printer for everyday use/student use or a high quality professional photo printer, there is a Pixma there for you.  Ranging in prices at about $50 to over $800, there is a printer that can fit your budget as well.

Pixma printers also come in functionality that varies from model to model.  If you're looking for just a deskjet printer, there is a Canon printer for you.  If you need a scanner/printer combo, there is another printer for you.  Finally, if you need an all in one printer, there is a Pixma printer for that.

Canon printers have arguably the best photo quality of all the printer brands.  Canon printers use some of the best ink technology as well as the highest quality inks for delivering color ranges and picture qualities that are hard to beat by HP or Epson.

Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon ink cartridges have always been thought of for reliability, color range, and print speed. Regardless of if you're printing in draft mode or at premium print settings, you will always get the best image/text quality possible. Their print head technology is also designed in a way to give you the best prints from the first drop to the very last drop of ink in the reservoir.

While not always the least expensive ink cartridges put out by manufacturers, Canon ink is not by a long shot the most expensive. One thing that make a lot people happy with their Canon ink printers is their ability to use refilled or manufactured ink brands. Unlike other printer brands (I won't point fingers but you know who you are), Canon avoids technology that severely limits their customer's options for cartridges. You will rarely find chips, devices, or print heads that limit your options for refilling your Canon cartridge.

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