Cell Phone Jammers-Beat'em

No matter how quickly technology moves forward you should never count on your cell phone to always be available. Disrupting a cell phone is the same as jamming any other type of radio communication. With a device called the cell phone jammer, there will be instanes that mobile phone signals are disrupted. Hence, the power of cell phone communication is usually made impossible when a cell phone jammer is around.

The use of mobile phone jammers is not always legal. Various countries such as the United States prohibit its use with the exception of the military. However, some institutions including jails, churches, schools, and other buildings use them for their own legal purposes. In some cases, other people use it for their personal advantage. So when you are trapped in this kind of situation, it does not mean that you have no other choice but not to communicate. There are still a lot of things you can do to beat the mobile phone jammers around.

Walk outside the jammer's reach. No matter how powerful a particular cell phone jammer is, it still has limits. For instance, it can only disrupt cell phone signals that are within a certain distance. Usually, the approximate distance that the jammer can cover is around 30 feet only. Hence, if you move away from that distance, you are free to use your cell phone once again.

Make use of a quad band mobile phone. A cell phone that has multiple frequencies can help you a lot in this situation. The cell phone jammer only blocks one frequency. Hence, you can still use the alternative frequencies of your mobile phone to communicate with others. A normal quad band phone automatically uses its alternative frequency once the normal frequency is blocked. However, there are advanced jammers that have the capability to block several frequencies simultaneously. Plus, a cell phone with a quad band is only offered by a few providers.

Use a WiFi network. Instead of making the regular calls, use VoIP using your cell phone if there is an existent WiFi network. Since VoIP does not use any radio frequency, you are safe to do this anytime and anywhere there is a WiFi signal. However, there are only a number of cell phones that support VoIP so make sure the other line is capable of receiving it. One great program that you can use is Skype. It offers good VoIP services and mostly supports a wide range of mobile phones. Use a data plan. If your cell phone has a data plan such as that of EV-DO and 3G, use this to communicate. This is possible because this plan do not use the same frequency as that of regular calling.

 A cell phone jammer device is not always the end of communication possibilities using your cell phone. With various techniques, no jammer can disrupt your chance to connect to the world. Remember these tips so that when a jammer is on your way, you immediately know what to do.

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