Change IP address (Mozzila, Chrome, IE, Opera )


I am a big believer in privacy online. You can use a lot of programs to hide your IP, but you can't access some web pages without a IP. You can also protect your privacy by deleting cookies with a CCleaner.

Before we started i suggest you find some free proxy list, to have IP and ports.

Good luck.

I will show you how to change IP in Google Chrome:

First open Tools, under Options find Under the bonnet, the select Network, got to Change proxy settings, then go to LAN settings, then Use a proxy server, Advanced, HTTP.

How to change IP in Mozilla Firefox

Go to Tools, select Options, under options select Advanced, go to Settings, select Manual proxy configuration    

Change IP in Internet Explorer

Go to Tools, then select Internet options, go to Connections, then select LAN settings, go to Use a proxy server, go to Advanced, select HTTP.

Change IP in Mozilla

Go to Tools, select Preferences, go to Advanced, then select Network.    

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farhad 5 years ago

and in opera?

some guy 4 years ago

this is just about using proxies.... big deal

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ip-change-easy 18 months ago

Great hub, there is alot of more good ways to change ip address.

i found this site very helpful, check it :

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