How to change WhatsApp profile Picture with image from PC on BlueStacks


PC and BlueStacks files sharing Problem

Commons problem for WhatsApp on PC is where you can immediately get new picture stored on My Picture libraries. BlueStacks Gallery only updates new items upon startup. If you put new pictures into My Picture folder, you have to restart BlueStacks before you can use newly picture into WhatsApp. So whether you want to post a picture or change your profile, you have to wait until the next BlueStacks startup.

But luckily there are several easy way to solve this problem. That is either using cloud storage services to sync files or folders between PC and BlueStacks Or using additional file manager. This file manager must has Copy and Paste ability in order to copy pictures into WhatsApp Images folder which later will be used as a new profile picture.

1. Sync with Cloud Storage

BlueStacks support could storage such as DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive. These services allow you to sync files or photos between several devices which connected to the service. Which mean whenever you put files into cloud storage, those files will be updated immediately on all connected devices, in this case PC and BLueStacks.

DropBox is one of the most popular one, which is offering free 2GB cloud storage fro free service. Skydrive offering free 7GB cloud storage service and Google Drive giving free 5GB cloud storage.

Those service work similar, you need to install their apps on BlueStacks and also on PC (Windows). If you want to share between PC and BlueStacks, simply put files or photo into their shared folder and then open the apps on BlueStacks. You'll see the file list updated immediately after you run the apps.

Change WhatsApp profile picture without DropBox

2. Share on BlueStacks Shared Folders

This is the most easier way to share files or photo on both Windows and BlueStacks. BlueStacks actually shared access with Windows Library folders. You can find all these folder at /mnt/sdcard/bstFolder location on BlueStacks. The problem is those folder only synchronized into BlueStacks Gallery upon BlueStack startup. Those folders are:

  • Pictures
  • Documents
  • PublicPictures
  • PublicDocuments
  • BtSharedFolder

Picture is actually My Pictures Library on Windows, Documents is Windows default My Documents Library. PublicPictures is My Pictures on Public user folder (C:\Users\Public\Pictures), PublicDocuments is My Documents on Public user folder (C:\Users\Public\Documents), while BtSharedFolder is special folder located on C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData named SharedFolder. ProgramData is hidden by default, so you need to set show hidden on Windows Explorer Folder options before accessing to this special folder.

2.1. Open shared folders with File Manager on BlueStacks

Instead of waiting BlueStacks to import all newly files or pictures into Gallery on startup, we can use File Manager or File Browser on BlueStacks to access all those shared folder directly. And then simply export the photo into WhatsApp if you only want to post the photo into chat. But you have to copy the image or picture into WhatsApp Images folder in order to use it as profile picture. Because WhatsApp can only read BlueStacks Gallery folder.

We can use ES File manager or ASTRO File Manager/Browser to access those folders. So find and install these apps inside BlueStacks. If you put new files or pictures while you browsed current folder, simply refresh current folder by change to another folder (for example up folder) and back to shared folder, and all the new files or pictures will be available.

2.2. ASTRO File Manager/Browser

ASTRO File manager/Browser has an interesting features. This apps already mapped shared folder into several My Files location on its main window.

  • Pictures = My Files 5.
  • Documents = My Files 4.
  • PublicPictures = My Files 3.
  • PublicDocuments = My Files 7.
  • BtSharedFolder = My Files 6.

So if you want to browse into Pictures shared folder, simply click on My Files 5.

3. Copy picture into WhatsApp Image folder

Before we can use a picture as a new profile picture, that picture have to be available on BlueStacks Gallery. Because WhatsApp can only use BlueStacks Gallery. One of sub folder on BlueStacks gallery is WhatsApp Images located on /mnt/sdcard/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images. All images from WhatsApp chat are stored on this folder. Whether you or your friend share a photo in chat, the image file will be stored into this folder.

3.1. Copy from Cloud Storage

If you're using cloud storage service, simply select a picture to go to view mode. Click on Export button on above right image, and select Save to SD card. and then Navigate to WhatsApp Images folder and pres export.

3.2. Copy from shared folder.

If you're using ASTRO File manager, go to shared folder where the picture located. Activate selection mode by clicking select button (left side star button), you can now select any files. Select a picture and click Copy button on the bottom menu (a new menu will appear -- Cancel and Paste). Now navigate to WhatsApp Images folder and paste the image by clicking Paste button.

4. Change WhatsApp profile picture

Now that you've copied picture into WhatsApp Images, you can now change profile picture with new picture from PC.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click Show Menu to open WhatsApp menu
  • Click Settings and then chose Profile
  • Click profile picture and select Gallery
  • Click WhatsApp Images and find the picture
  • Set the picture area or picture size
  • Click ok to save the setting.

Now your new profile is ready. Have fun.

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Comments 27 comments

Star Ahmad 3 years ago

hey , i cannot find the folder where my pictures are stored! the folder My Pictures in documents that where i thought it will be but i cannot find it. any help there on how to change the folder or find it?

muhriza profile image

muhriza 3 years ago from Indonesia Author

If you confused on ASTRO interface, try ES File Explorer.

In the main menu you'll see a folder named 'bstfolder'. Look inside this folder, you'll find those Picture and Documents folders.

Oh.. also make sure you are using the latest update of BlueStacks.

Aria 3 years ago

It worked! Thanks a lot!!

rock 3 years ago

hey guys, i used to upload pics to whatsapp, simply by draging photos from pc window to whatsapp chatscreen window, but now its not uploading, please help

muhriza profile image

muhriza 3 years ago from Indonesia Author

Hi, check C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder and on BlueStacks = BtSharedFolder folder. That's the place where your dragged pics should be. If pics not automatically uploaded, try attach or manually send it to WhatsApp.

Adi 3 years ago

Hey whenever i open the gallery it says ''Application failure detected please try again'' Please help :(

muhriza profile image

muhriza 3 years ago from Indonesia Author


This problem has been roaming around for a while, and there still no clue for what causing this error and how to deal with it. Honestly i can't provide you a solution, but please do me a favor and try the following things and see if this could solve your problem:

1. Make sure your computer meet the requirement

2. Update BlueStacks to the latest version

3. Install and Run BlueStacks as administrator

aman 3 years ago

its taking so much time in copying from one folder to another.. what to do???????

muhriza profile image

muhriza 3 years ago from Indonesia Author

You can also share any picture with WhatsApp (post it to chat), which will automatically save picture into WhatsApp Images folder. And then you can get it on Gallery, WhatsApp Images.

Marie 3 years ago

thanx a lot!!!! it worked!!! found the hidden folder...

Rash 3 years ago

how to write Status on whatsapp frm blustacks

muhriza profile image

muhriza 3 years ago from Indonesia Author

On WhatsApp main page (contact list), open menu (Show Menu) and select "Status".

Achu 3 years ago

heyy guys.. i used to use whatsapp on pc but i can't locate the pictures i saved before. how can i get access to those?

please help! :( thans a lot :) x0x0x

musodique 3 years ago

hi guys, my name is musodiq,

i have been trying all the methods but when i get to the changing picture part from whatsapp, my bluestacks stops responding so i found out another easy way you need to download only u gallery on your bluestacks, follow these simple steps

1 download u gallery

2 enter u gallery and make sure the picture you want to use as your whatsapp dp is visible

3 go to whatsapp

4 click on the menu button

5 click on settings

6 click on profile

7 click edit

8 select u gallery from the options; don't select gallery it will hang

9 choose your picture

10 crop to the size

11 click ok,

i promise it will work..

any comments mail me at am opened to questions

Sonu C 3 years ago

Can I have different Whatsapp phone no. Login in different profile of Computers

chetana shet 3 years ago

hi i would like to know how to see pic sent in mobile thru whatsapp ,in my pc . what i mean is images sent thru watsapp in mobile cannot be seen in the computer when i connected it to the usb.

Charu 3 years ago

I saved my pics in shared folder of bluestack but i can't find them in bluestack gallery while trying to change my whatsapp profile pic

Karthik 3 years ago

I will tell you all a simple method. Synch ur account in bluestacks with ur Gmail. Now if u change ur profile pic on gmail, it automatically appears on bluestacks gallery :)

Harry 3 years ago

Hi. I need help. every time I select picture for WhatsApp galery to change profile photo it goes hang. I am using windows 7 on my PC. Thank you for yr help anyone.

dhananjay jain 2 years ago

i have no found the user data folder in my c drive

sagar 2 years ago

just download astro file manager to bluestrack and install it


best way to upload your photo to whatsapp is just chang your drive location



serch type


press enter

then go



blue strake




u will find





just click and show right side

name and path

change your path by click them

eg. my image in E:\ drive



and save it then close and restart pc

u will find your drive in astro maneger

press it and share it your friend


it work best

Kaisha 2 years ago

How do i get a picture off of me if its on a whatapp profile picture

Johnd480 2 years ago

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vivek 2 years ago

hey plz tell me how to set old blue stack path in regedit ....

Karan gera 2 years ago

when i select the folder of what's app images then there is a tick mark on that and then there will be no response .. please tell me what i can do for solve the problem ..

surj 2 years ago


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