Changing Technology and Information Security

Security in a Time of Mass Communications

One of the biggest challenges businesses face as a result of continually changing technology is information security. Hackers and identity thieves are always changing their intrusion methods, so people must be ever aware of the threat. One way managers can alleviate some of this threat is to use encryption, passwords, firewalls, and keep all of their virus and spyware definitions up to date throughout the network. Also there are compatibility issues; and if a business’s technology becomes obsolete there can be disruption of communication. Managers may need specialized training for themselves and for their employees on how to use new software programs.

Using information technology like email, instant messaging, and video conferencing to keep in touch with various member of the organization is important. This will increase production by allowing financial decisions to be made on the go. To allow for this the company will need the proper hardware and software like computers, specialized cell phones, laptops, Microsoft Office and Office Mobile. The organization will buy its equipment (Pruitt) so they aren’t locked into a contract that offers them obsolete services or equipment. (Pruitt 2007) Since computer hardware can be upgraded the firm can use it for quite some time. Enterprise editions of Microsoft Office are available at their website. You can even get an Account Representative to help with pricing.

Another way of increasing production would be to have a way of keeping track of employee breaks, so that they don’t become overworked. Since there are already many platforms for doing this they will probably lease the technology rather than create their own. (Chris) Having this type of system allows for employee time information to be stored and accessed more easily.

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