Check weather a given no is Prime or Not using c programming



void main()


int n,i=2;


printf("Enter a number \n");




if(n % i == 0)


printf("Not a Prime Number");






printf("Prime Number");





NB: n % i == 0 -------> here the we get the remainder when n is divided by each i, at any time the remainder is 0, the program will terminate and show a message " not prime". otherwise it will execute till i reaches to n/2. and terminate the program and shows a message "prime".

thanking you.

hope u understand the logic. ur comments are valuable.


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pooja0908 profile image

pooja0908 6 years ago from Delhi

very initial hub for c programming

i think it will help newbie of c programming

profile image

gaig 6 years ago Author

thanks a lot

ShallyD profile image

ShallyD 6 years ago from USA

thanks for this program.

do write the output of this program

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gaig 6 years ago Author

OUTPUT: If we enter 9, the result will be "Not Prime"

If we enter 11, the result will be "Prime"

RENU 6 years ago

I am struggle with prime or not programme very very thanks to given this programme

jitendra chavan 4 years ago

i can understand

irfan 3 years ago

good for understanding because of in simple language

gurdiv singh 3 years ago

Thnkxxx alot

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