Choosing Antivirus Software

Almost all personal computer owners use the internet regularly these days, and as a result, their computers are in danger from viruses. At least, if they use a Windows computer. Apple computer users do not have much to worry about because almost all viruses are designed to infect the Windows operating system. The 90% of you who don't have a Mac need to get anti-virus software, or more accurately, software to protect against not only viruses but malware and other programs that at best slow down your computer and at worst completely destroy it. There is a great deal of this protective software out there, but choosing anti-virus software that is right for your needs is not very difficult.

First, be careful not to buy software when you seem to be in the middle of a virus attack. Very often you can be surfing the web and then suddenly warning windows start popping up telling you viruses have been detected, but if you just go to a certain website and buy the software they are selling there, your problem will be solved. Do not do it! This is usually a fraud in which a website sends out fake warnings in order to get you to buy software that is actually a virus in itself. Any kind of computer help that is offered in conjunction with this kind of attack should be regarded with suspicion. If this happens the best thing to do is turn off your computer and start it up again, and everything should be fine.

Choosing anti-virus software that is right for you mostly involves determining how much you use the internet. If you do not use email or instant messaging, you should be fine with free anti-virus software such as Avast. Otherwise, you need to have extra protection because viruses have more ways of getting into your computer. You should get more robust software such as Norton by Symantec. Avira and McAfee also make good products. Prices run from about 20 to 80 dollars. Compare prices online to get the best deal. If you have an older computer, running Windows Xp or an earlier version of Windows, make sure that the software works for your version. In addition, you need to make sure that any existing antivirus software you have on your computer is completely uninstalled.


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