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Renewable Energy System - Is it Right For You?

Are you considering investing in a renewable energy system for home or business? Then welcome to the club of millions of environmentally friendly individual across the globe. People who are conscientious of reducing their carbon footprint are switching to renewable energy systems. Renewable green electricity is safe on the environment, it's pollution free and a competitive reliable energy source. It is produced from free natural resources such as the sun and wind. Wind and Solar electricity systems are much more affordable than they were a decade ago and they're becoming the most acceptable form of alternative energy. Advancements in the construction of photovoltaic modules into small, medium or large solar panels can produce reliable clean power. And don't forget wind power has been around for ages, with the technological progress in building small wind turbines, they have become just as adaptable for residential installations as the solar systems.

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Solar Power

Switching to Renewable Energy

At first, some folks are sceptical of making the change but most people quickly see the benefits and best of all, how affordable it is to switch to renewable energy. Adding to the advantage of generating clean energy, most provincial governments encourage the participation in net metering. It's a proactive program associated with renewable energy systems to help relief the owner's initial cost of implementing the system. This method is known as the grid-tied system where you're connected to the local grid/electricity company via a meter. When your solar electricity generator or wind electricity turbine produces excess power, then the process of receiving power from the utility grid is reversed via your meter. The procedure is an even swap of power resulting in the rewarding of credits for the energy you uploaded. The periods or seasons of the year when sunshine is low or wind is scarce and your own solar/wind system can not produce enough electricity for household usage; the local utility grid acts as your backup source delivering power to you in exchange for your accumulated credits. Can you tell of a better way to help the environment and save money?

Green Electricity Systems

Green Energy Home
Green Energy Home

Alternative Energy Sources

Is it necessary to have a basic Understanding of Alternative energy sources? Well yes, knowing exactly what a renewable energy system is, how the electricity is generated can become purchasing power when investing in a renewable energy system.

Are you considering a solar electricity system?

The central core of the solar system is made up of photovoltaic cells as the building blocks. Photovoltaic cells are attached together to form photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic modules are wired together and assembled unto a frame to create a solar panel. The basic components of a home solar system are PV modules or solar panels, an inverter to convert the direct current (DC) to AC voltage. The alternative current (AC) is then forwarded to the main fuse box where the building/home electrical are connected and the clean electricity is disseminated. From the main fuse box, the meter is connected to the grid; this is how the grid supplies power to your home or upload the excess power from your solar system; it's all done via your meter. Your main fuse box also supplies alternative current to your home circuit, resulting in clean energy to power your home.

Renewable Wind Power

Off Grid Living
Off Grid Living

Are You Thinking of a Wind Electricity System?

The mechanics, process and requirements are completely different in all aspects. The components of a small wind energy system consist of a rotor with blades, generator or alternator, a gearbox if generating 10 kw or more, tail vane, nacelle, tower and a turbine disconnection switch. There are also optional system components such as circuit breaker, DC to AC inverter, battery banks, backup batteries and battery disconnection switch.

How does it work?

Basically everything turns with the wind. The tail vane or yaw system aligns the turbine to the wind. As the wind blows it spins the blades which turns the rotor causing the generator or alternator to turn. The wind turning actions of the equipment causes rotation of the turbine to produce electricity. The inverter converts the electricity to direct current power (DC) using a generator or to alternating current power (AC) using an alternator. However, If the turbine produces it's electricity via a generator, the inverter will convert the direct current power to Alternative current power before the electricity is forwarded to the main fuse box for dissemination. The conversion depends on the application of the turbine. The Nacelle provides protection to the generator/alternator, gearbox and other parts of the turbine from unfavourable environmental substances. The clean electricity generated from solar or wind is distributed via the home circuit for household usage and your utility meter transfers power back and forth to the local utility grid. The meter method of uploading and transferring power to the utility grid is very similar to the solar system.

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Solar Energy
Solar Energy

Factors, Conditions and Tips.

So far, we have covered how the grid-tied system produces renewable energy from the natural resources of the sun and wind. I also covered the method on how it is tied into the national utility grid. There are other equipment you can add to wind and solar systems that are popular options to include or to expand your system with. The components are Backup batteries for storing power for emergencies and off site usage. A battery bank consist of backup batteries as well and it is used when sun light or wind is scarce, while it's backup batteries are for power outages and emergencies. However, a grid tied battery bank is mainly utilized for storing power which is usually sold to the national utility grid. A off grid/hybrid system battery bank stores power for property usage while it's backup batteries are for emergencies.

Renewable Energy Technology

Renewable electricity system
Renewable electricity system

Hybrid system – what?

A large renewable energy system is constructed with solar energy as the primary power and wind energy as the backup power system. In most regions where sun shine is consistent most of the year, wind power is used as a backup system in the overcast, windy months. The energy generated by a large system is used to power buildings/homes, charged the battery bank and sell excess power to the local utility grid. In regions where conditions are reversed, wind power acts as the primary power provider and solar power acts as the backup when sun light is available.

The hybrid system is perfect in regions and communities where grid access is unavailable. The advancements in renewable energy technology have automated switching between solar and wind. The hybrid solar-wind electricity system works intermittently or the solar system is activated only when the sun hits the panels and it's a similar process with the wind system being activated when the wind is strong enough. Having your own renewable energy system tied to the national utility grid is an assurance of uninterrupted supply of power. This connection works great for periods when your green energy system can't produce enough electricity due to weather conditions. However, you can reduce your dependency on the local utility grid by adding backup batteries or a battery bank as a power source, for emergencies and for on-site or off-site usage. The reward of helping save the environment and eliminating your utility bills is a start.

Home Solar Energy

Home Solar Electricity
Home Solar Electricity

Choose the Right Renewable Energy System!

Deciding on the right system depends mainly on your environmental factors. Installing a solar electricity system requires a region where sun shine is dominant most of the year. Vice Versa, a wind electricity system dictates living in a region where consistent mild winds are favourable most of the year. It's only common sense to make the best use of your investment and reduce your electricity cost. The initially investment cost may seem high for most people but it makes perfect sense to consider it as a long term investment. It may take years before seeing a return on your investment but after the pay off, you'll have no more utility bills to pay, Installing a renewable energy system with net metering has some government green energy rebates to it. Many owners of green energy systems are paying off or the system is paying itself off much faster than they expected.


When purchasing a renewable energy system, you certainly don't need to know the technicalities behind a wind or solar electricity system to ascertain the appeal and benefits of being independent from the national utility grid. A wind or solar electricity system uses a natural reoccurring source of power that will never be depleted, Thus, it lessens the need and practice of burning fossil fuel, plus reduces our dependency on foreign oil. It's time to take action by investing some time in researching wind and solar electricity systems for your home or business. The time to stop thinking and take action is now. Living with a renewable energy system is helping to save your own community ecosystem which is the key; charity begins at home.

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