Choosing The Right Screenname

Screennames have become a common practice among web pages. Whether it be for an email account, a message board, or online gaming, a screenname is a way to connect you to others through the internet. Choosing the right screenname is important, because it is an online alias that gives an understanding of who you are. For example, my screenname is Sith Penguin, because I enjoy Star Wars, and penguins are one of my favorite animals. A screenname can be whatever you desire it to be. Using a pop-culture reference, or even your own name are a few of the many possibilities for choosing a screenname. Think about what interests you have. Maybe you enjoy traveling, so you name yourself Road Warrior 23? Or perhaps you enjoy Led Zepplin music, so you name yourself Zepplin Fan 2000? Whatever you decide, make sure it is a name that appeals to you.


Moonmaiden profile image

Moonmaiden 10 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

Penguins are really 'IN' right now. Are you going to go see 'Happy Feet"?

Kodes 6 years ago

I love Led Zeppelin. Screw mainstream, haha

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