Christmas Present Gadgets and Gizmos for a Mans Christmas List

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for your husband or perhaps your brother, your dad, or a special male friend? We have all heard it said, it’s hard to understand a guy’s mind when it comes to finding the right Christmas box.

But Christmas Shopping for the men doesn’t really have to be difficult. In fact, here are some excellent Christmas Gift idea you can use to complete that Christmas list.

The phenomenon of men loving gadgets and gizmos is not a mystery. Men will never complain about having one too many gadgets, so if you want a foolproof Christmas box for men, here are top three coolest gadgets and gizmos of this year that won’t disappoint.

Sanyo VPC-CS1 High Definition Camcorder and 8 MP Camera

Here’s a great Christmas Gift idea. A digital camcorder is one of the extremely useful gadgets in today’s modern world. Although not as integral as the digital camera, the camcorder is definitely a favourite for most men as it allows them to capture special moments in a much better, more interactive way than photos ever can. But if the camcorder also comes with a digital camera, men are going to go crazy.

And that’s exactly the effect if you get him the Sanyo VPC-CS1 High Definition Camcorder and 8 MP Camera. This is one he would add to his own Christmas list .

The Sanyo CS1 High Definition Camcorder and 8 MP Camera is a full HD 1080, 60i video camera with resolution of up to 1920×1080. It is equipped with an 8 mp camera. Both the camcorder and the camera have optical zoom, 10x for the video and 9x for the camera.

You can check what you’re recording or taking photos of on the 2.7-inch LCD display. To help you get outstanding videos and photos, it also comes with image stabilizer and photo face detection. Christmas shopping done!

You can get the Sanyo VPC-CS1 High Definition Camcorder and 8 MP Camera with a good discount for about $240. This is a really cool two-in-one gadget that’ll surprise men when they open that Christmas box!

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator

GPS device: Garmin Handheld GPS

There’s something about GPS devices that fascinate men. Since cars are also shiny new toys for them, a GPS device adds to the wow factor of the car and of the driving experience. Unfortunately, a lot of guys are bad with directions so a GPS device is a perfect Christmas present for them. This is a great Christmas Gift idea because men of all ages will appreciate it.

One of the best you can find is the Garmin GPS devices, a very handy GPS device that provides moving digital maps. These maps do more than give you your precise location and directions to another location. It can read other helpful data as well such as topographic, elevations, and so on. That’s another Christmas Shopping problem solved.

Cell Phone: Blackberry Smartphone

No man will complain of getting a new phone as a Christmas present, especially if it’s the new hottest mobile phone trend, a Blackberry. This is also a nice way of improving communication between you and your husband, partner, brother, or dad, especially if you also have a Blackberry.

The instant messaging applications, the celebrated e-mailing feature, and high-speed Internet browsing make the Blackberry a gadget most men will love. Add this to anyone’s Christmas list.

Summary: So if the ideal Christmas present for the man in your life is a Blackberry Smartphone, add it to his Christmas list now. Or maybe the Garmin Handheld GPS would be better to add to his Christmas Shopping list.

My personal best Christmas Gift idea for myself would be Sanyo CS1 High Definition Camcorder and 8 MP Camera.

Wife take note. This is the best Christmas box you could give me. Read more of my articles on a Christmas Shopping list for Men, Ladies, Boys and Girls.

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