Cipher Lock or Cypher Lock

There is an actual Cypher Lock still available from the company formerly known as Continental Instruments and now known as Continental Access, a division of Napco Security. The Cypher Lock is perhaps one of the first electrical keypad systems ever invented. It consists of an ash-tray-like stainless steel unit that mounts on the wall and a controller unit in a metal can that mounts inside the secured space. The "keypad" unit consists of five rocker switches mounted in a plate that is recessed into the top of the unit. This system is still used in many government facilities to this day.

However, when some people say "cipher lock" they really mean a mechanical pushbutton lock such as the Kaba Ilco L1000 series. Perhaps as the 1000 series and L1000 series became more and more widely used in U.S. government facilities, the name "cipher lock" rubbed off on them.

For more information on keyless locks such as the Kaba Ilco L1000 series, please visit:

If you would like more information on the actual Cypher Lock, please send me an email and I will send you a very old brochure on .pdf

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allan 7 years ago

we sell both types

Kaba Simplex 6 years ago

I've seen the Cyphers, but the Kaba locks have pretty much become the new standard for mechanical locks.

Tom Rubenoff profile image

Tom Rubenoff 6 years ago from United States Author

Kaba Ilco Simplex mechanical locks are the industry standard for mechanical pushbutton combination locks. Thank you.

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