Coming soon Google NEXUS PRIME with Android 4.0

Google Nexus Prime
Google Nexus Prime

It is sure by this time that Samsung will be the manufacturer of this next Nexus phone also. Google has released smart phones earlier also like Google Nexus, Nexus one etc. But Nexus prime has got more importance in news than these phones, this is mainly because of the OS in this phone android 4.0. This version of Android is called ice cream Sandwitch. This version is not made public so far. Nexus prime will be the first android 4.0 phone. That is why Android fans are waiting for this phone release.

Android 4.0(Ice cream Sandwich)

As with previous versions of Android, this version is also named after an Ice cream dish. It will be a combination of Android 2.3(Ginger bird) and android 3.0(Honey comb), combining the good features of both and it will operate very well in tablets and smart phones. Android Engineering division head told that Android 4.0 is far better than the previous releases. This android version will operate equally efficiently in smart phones and in tablets. Also android 4.0 will have face recognition, near field communication, interactive home screen widgets etc in addition to previous versions.

Actually this news about Nexus prime is a leaked one from Samsung site. According to the site, the features of the phone are 1.4GHz processor, 4.65 inch super amoled display. According to the current clues, this phone also will be released in October. so it will be a competition for iPhone5 and nokia Windows phones which are going to be released in the same month. Also current top selling high end android phones also will face considerable competition if this phone comes out.

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Drenguin profile image

Drenguin 5 years ago from Somewhere

Interesting, especially the face recognition in Android. Do you know if developers will be able to utilize any kind of Face Recognition API?

gizmotech profile image

gizmotech 5 years ago from Delhi

it looks nice... :)

vinner profile image

vinner 5 years ago from India Author

Surely friends this is something that is going to rock the mobile device world.

Drenguin: According to the current information it is known only that Android 4.0 which will be known as Ice cream Sandwich will support Face recognition. Most probably Google will release Face Recognition API along with it. As Google also wants to support more people using this additional feature, surely they will provide API.

This is another good point for mobile application developers. If you are good with incorporating this new feature in your android apps, surely you will get an extra edge by the time Android 4.0 becomes popular

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