Common Laptop Problems and Repair Solutions


If you are like many people, your laptop has become an indispensable personal and business tool. You use it for school, work, watch movies, stream YouTube videos, and to store some of the most important days of our life in pictures. A laptop in many ways is an extension of our personality. How would you feel it the unthinkable happens? What do you do when your “workhorse” starts to slow down or worse gets damaged? Because of their frequent use, laptops are subject to normal wear and tear use so, damage is likely at some point.

The main components of a laptop are the LCD display, random access memory (RAM), battery, keyboard, and hard drive. Other than the LCD display, the other parts of a laptop can easily be replaced. Laptop hardware problems usually start with the power connector or power supply. The electrical connection to the motherboard becomes loose and the laptop does not charge. This is when many people feel they need a new laptop. The fix is simple, quick, and inexpensive compared to the price of a new laptop. Let's look at several other problems you may experience.


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Common Laptop Computer Hardware Problems

Here is a list of common problems laptop users experience:

  • Broken case or hinge as a result of a drop
  • Power connector damaged or will not charge the laptop
  • Laptop Overheating - The production of heat can be the cause of computer shutting down unexpectedly. Some laptops automatically shutdown when excessive heat is generated to protect the computer. May also be related to a fan failure.
  • Damaged LCD screen or does not display the image properly - The screen may look distorted or some of the pixels may not display properly indicating damaged pixels.
  • Failure of the backlight - a faint image on the LCD screen is a key clue
  • Sticky or broken keys on the keyboard - spilled beverages
  • Loose or broken LCD hinge
  • Damaged USB ports - improper insertion of USB devices into the port is the major source of damage
  • Hard Drive failure - malfunction are usually caused by vibration and shock associated with the portable nature of how laptops are used

In addition to the above, laptops can become our personal digital assistants where we store, bookmark, browse, and download so much “stuff” that our computer becomes bloated with nonessential temporary and image files stored in various caches. The result is our laptops run slower and slower until we get to the point where we think we need a new laptop. However, this is where with a little knowledge, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars (unless you really want a new laptop), but for many of us buying a new laptop may not be an option.

Common Laptop Computer Software Problems

Here is a list of common software problems laptop users experience:

  • Computer will not boot up or start
  • Data on hard drive is corrupted or cannot be accessed
  • USB ports do not recognize devices - corrupted USB drivers
  • Running Slow
  • Computer viruses & malware
  • Internet browsers popup
  • Unable to connect to the Internet
  • Blue or Black screen of death
  • Damaged of corrupted Operating System

In many cases these problems can be repaired remotely as long as you can connect to the internet.


Laptop Computer Repair Solutions

Many of the problems listed above can be repaired for less than the cost of a new laptop! If you are handy, replacing a keyboard, a hard drive or adding memory to a laptop is not difficult. Before starting any major repair work, don't forget to backup your hard drive. If you don’t feel comfortable performing these tasks, there are many repair shops available that are reasonably priced, but stay away from retail stores because guess what … they will try to sell you a new laptop.

Our recommendation is to look for fixed price repair shops. In our experience, they do a terrific job and offer fixed prices for many of their repairs and can turn around your computer in a few days depending on your location. In the event, you do decide to buy a new laptop, consider donating your old computer to a local school, family member or friend (don't forget to wipe or remove the hard drive). It is better for the environment and your contribution will be appreciated.

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How would you feel it the unthinkable happens ... your laptop fails? What do you do when your “workhorse” starts to slow down or worse gets damaged? Do you have a plan to backup your data on a scheduled basis? When is the last time you checked your virus protection software? All rights reserved 2016 Tech360i Computer Services

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Comments 55 comments

sumit karki 4 years ago

power on no display

schco profile image

schco 4 years ago from New York Author

Yes, this is the ultimate laptop problem.

Abdul 4 years ago

My laptop compaq presario cq60 makes a honking like sound that lasts 10 - 15 seconds when i power up, is this a problem?

schco profile image

schco 4 years ago from New York Author

Possibly. Your comment is consistent with a laptop cooling fan problem. If your cooling fan fails completely, your laptop will ultimately fail as well due to overheating. The good news is this problem is easy to fix.

shanmugasundaram 4 years ago

I'm not able to type the letters like R, B, E, etc., in my laptop, When i type those words short cuts are entered. I think some short cut keys are activated & i don't know how to solve this. Please give your ideas to

dani 4 years ago

Sir i have a Acer Aspire 4736G laptop its Power IC in motherboard is damaged and i have lost its Power IC.The location of Power IC in motherboard is P5 ....Sir kindly tell me the number of that Power IC please help me please :(

sumaila 4 years ago

I have a compaq cq62 laptpo on board micro processor, the laptop on"s but the micro processor does not heat up, the basic trouble shooting i did was by 1. changing the memories and 2. by changing the processor IC"s

schco profile image

schco 4 years ago from New York Author

Does the laptop work properly? Are you experiencing any other problems?

schco profile image

schco 4 years ago from New York Author

What is the brand and model of your laptop?

andy 4 years ago

what is a cause.. only black screen when i open my laptop..

schco profile image

schco 4 years ago from New York Author

Have you connected an external monitor to your laptop? This will determine if you have a LCD screen problem or a problem with the video card in your laptop.

ajay 4 years ago

acer machine is atomatic resart any 10 second plz solution

schco profile image

schco 4 years ago from New York Author

It would be difficult to speculate on the problem you are experiencing based on the imformation provided. Can you pinpoint when the problem first occurred?

profile image

manabendra21 3 years ago

After my original HP 6530s laptop charger not working, I bought a duplicate charger one and using that. But after few days I noticed that my laptop has cooling fan problem...Could you please let me know how to fix that?

schco profile image

schco 3 years ago from New York Author

Do you have excessive dust buildup near the fan air intake or exhaust vents?

vics 3 years ago laptop slows and freezes withing a couple of mins after start heating issues nothing other than have to having to press on power button about three or four times as only one light comes on so laptop does not start unless i press really hard and hold....perhaps connected......I am clueless as what to do next ...please advise.....tks

profile image

manabendra21 3 years ago

@schco: i dont know whether there r excessive dust buildup near the fan air intake.

olivier 3 years ago

there are some horizontal lines on my laptop screen which i noticed recently

dhona 3 years ago

hi i hAve a problem to my netbook,,,it has an indicator that it charges whenever I plug the charger but i cant open it...the power is dead,I consulted it to a technician he said that mybe its the Power IC,do i still have the chance to fixed my netbook?please help me

3 years ago

acer aspire 4752 web cam not work i well try many driver.and camra.but not ok.whate can i do

chand 3 years ago

My dv 2000 not on

Hardeep 3 years ago

my laptop have a problem with speakers.when i turned on laptop. speakers will work and after 1 min there will be no sound from tell me what type of problem is this ?

abhi 3 years ago

hi... i hv compac presario cq 42 and it has a problem of display . when i m using internet its display driver stops responding and screen goes black for a while then it shows a msg that graphics accselerater for vista stops responding and successfully recovered.. plz give me the appropriate solution.

ash 2 years ago

while i enter the password to start laptop.

it stops working no further action takes place.

i have to forcefully switch off my laptop.

how to solve this problem

al 2 years ago

sir i have a dell leptop.i m having a problem.when i switch on leptop i see a messsage that TFGHT is compressed press ctrl+alt+del to restart i presse these keys again and again it happens i cant start my leptop i think there is a problem with cd rom plz tell me wht should i do to fix that problem plzzzxz tell me as soon as posible.

taz 2 years ago

My Dell Laptop Core I 5, is going to sound like chicken. The mouse does not work. After some time when I restart the computer to sound like chicken crow. Before L E D red color sometimes shows a different message. What shall I do?

alisa 2 years ago

my dell latitude D630 all of a sudden it just went blank,the system powers on but doesn't display anything,the screen is just black.what can I do cuz I nid my system back,very useful

profile image

lati4343434343434 2 years ago

my laptop hp 1000-1140UR speaker sound is very low. when we play any song then they heated up.what we'll do about this problem. kindly inform as early as you can.please...............

jumi 2 years ago

Pls my Acer laptop doesn't charge and cannot come on without being plugged in. It says "plugged in, not charging" whenever I plug it. I have tried a new battery but it's still the same. Please I need ur suggestion.

Kiran 2 years ago

My dell inspiron n5110 was not charging, I checked charger working condition found well giving 19.5 volts. So I dissembled the laptop and cleaned, tightened. After assembling connected the charger to laptop found charger stopped to work. I tried with another charger surprisingly working but keyboard is not working. What might be the problem please give solution

sarath 2 years ago

My LG rd405 is having problem when I'm playing high definition videos like 1080p..laptop is shutting down after sometimes /hanging the film even if are playing vlc player what should I do

balasaheb chougule 2 years ago

compack laptop are heard disk not for boot menu problem

schco profile image

schco 2 years ago from New York Author

Jumi - Sounds like you have a problem with your power jack, which is common. The best suggestion would be to have your power connector repaired.

schco profile image

schco 2 years ago from New York Author

Sarath - What are the specifications on your video card? No all laptops can play 1080p content. You also need a video player that have the proper drivers to play 1080p content.

jennifer 2 years ago

My laptop makes too much noise. please what's the reason.

charisma 2 years ago

i have Toshiba laptop, i did not use it for 3 days and when i want to open it, the logo of Microsoft shows but the laptop didn't go on. what will i do?

polash 2 years ago

dell inspiron,when i enter any file it shows 'confirm delete'. please give me a solution.

AHSAN 2 years ago

A layer of carbon is stuck on different parts of motherboard of my laptop because of humidity and my laptop is not starting.What i am suppose to do please HELP ME.

ravindra 2 years ago


I have same Problem. My laptop suddenly died, no warning that I could see, I was watching a video and wasn't paying the best attention, but there were no noises. The screen just went black and the computer died.

The orange light on the power adapter is solid when it's not plugged it, when it plugs it, the light goes out and then blinks twice, dark for a second, then blinks twice again and repeats.

Harmeet 2 years ago

i have problem in my HP pavl g6 .it shutdown automatic after exect 1 hour

any has soln this problem or setting plz tell me

Sanaq 2 years ago

Thanks for these tutorials. keep it up.


SANAQ 2 years ago

Thanks for these tutorials. keep it up. @

UB 23 months ago

please my hp pavilion goes off its self when the battery is 50%

UB 23 months ago

please my hp pavilion goes off its self when the battery is 50%

sammie 23 months ago

my laptop is refusing to on what do you think is the problem?

Chinedum 20 months ago

Pls i need help,my acer laptop suddenly starts displaying on the screen five different parts after booting. What can i do to solve this problem?

Chinedum 20 months ago

Pls i need help,my acer laptop suddenly starts displaying on the screen five different parts after booting. What can i do to solve this problem?

Charity 20 months ago

My hp laptop opens at one side of the hinge when I try to open it. I noticed a cracking or so. Dunno what to do

Clark 20 months ago

Hi fellaz,my hp 630 is not displaying, it actualy rain and the thunder blowed my pc charger,but the pc was still on,but after it went off i got a new charger,charged it,it boots but will display total nothing..pls help me,what can i do?

Sunday Okpachu 18 months ago

I like dis site dat has different pples ideas.keep it up. dis is my no:07062692322, also a Technician.staying in Sabon Gari Market along maggi road Ariel block upstel,Kano state. U can call or visit if u can.

raj yadav 17 months ago

my laptop problem is it take to long time for the booting.

when i was using the window 10 preview version then some window update came and when i started my laptop. it did not start. and i formatted my laptop and try window 7 , 8 and 8.1 initially it take to much time to start. now i am using window 8.1 initially in booting (blue screen) circle rotates very very slowly but when we press F2+F10 (go bios and save) or alt+ctrl+det (restart) then circles rotate normally. this problem is too much annoying me please help me.

dongodshope 17 months ago

my Compaq laptop screen started shaking wat is the problem

Oham's Godwin bizzy 16 months ago

plss.....i hv a problem with my Zinox pc....its refuses to boot up..the cooling Fan also rotate for 4sec" and shutdown without displayn on monitor.........plsss need ur help* wat a lasting solutn

dorji 16 months ago

my lenovo lap top is making sound while i switch on but when i press f12 n open it with an option it dosent make sound so ANY solutions please

schco profile image

schco 6 months ago from New York Author

This may just be the sound of the hard drive spinning up.

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