Compact OST file to manage its size

Benefits of compressing OST files

At times people can be seen working on their email client even if there is no Internet availability. This might stuck you with a question, how is it possible? MS Outlook is the most common email client used by people and is enabled with Offline working mode. It implies that user can easily create, modify emails, edit contacts etc.

When the user initiate with Offline working mode, OST file is created in the computer. These files deliver working ease to the users. Although, there can be issues when size of OST files become large, say 2GB or more. It can affect the performance of Outlook, users might witness delay in creating mails, attaching files etc. Outlook frequently hang between one tasks to another and create hassle in user work.

The prime resolution for this problem is compacting size of OST files. This will reduce the file size and Outlook performance can be improved in Offline mode. Herein, you can learn steps to compact OST file created in Outlook 2007.

  • Open MS Outlook 2007, select tools  Account settings.

  • Click on the change button.

  • Click onto More settings button and make selection for advanced tab.

  • Click to Offline folder settings and choose compact now button.

These are some simple steps to compact the size of OST files in Outlook 2007; you can use the following step to compact OST size in Outlook 2010:

  • Open MS Outlook 2010 and choose file in the Outlook ribbon.

  • Select the info tab and select Account Settings.

  • Select account settings options for the account settings dialog box.

  • Select MS Exchange Server and click change button.

  • Choose more settings button.

  • Make selection for advanced tab, click Offline folder file settings button and choose compact now.

MS Outlook 2010 will start reducing the size of OST file, depending on the items marked for deletion. This can make OST compaction useless; therefore, keep back up of current OST files and delete some large mails from mailbox. This will reduce the size of OST files. Once the emails are deleted compact the OST files for redeeming the space consumed by the items kept for deleting. Afterwards when there is use of emails you can convert OST to PST to access them.

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MarryWilson 4 years ago

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