Compatible Ink Cartridges

If you're looking for a replacement ink jet cartridge your probably realized that the "name" or "national" brand cartridges are pretty darn expensive.  Finding compatible ink jet cartridges can be difficult when it comes to finding one that works in your printer and also gives you a quality result.

While some people don't necessarily care about how their prints look and can buy just about any dime-a-dozen 3rd party cartridge, if you're like me and want prints that look as good as what you would get with an original cartridge, you have to be more picky.  When it comes to compatible ink cartridges, high quality prices isn't always synonymous with high prices.

Refilling Your Ink Cartridges

One of the most popular ways to save money when it comes to buying ink cartridges is to refill them yourself.  Instead of wasting money going to store and getting a new HP ink cartridge (or whatever brand you have) you can buy a kit to refill them.  While printer refill kits can cost as much as normal set of cartridges, you can use the kit to refill your cartridges many times.

There are number of pros and cons when it comes to refilling your ink yourself.  The number one pro is that it saves you tons of money per print.  With refills you can save over 50% to 70% off the original cost of a cartridge.  But besides saving tons of money, refilling doesn't have many pros.  For cons, refilling is a very messy and at times--risky--process.  Many people have messed up or damaged their printers because their refilled cartridge leaked.  Also, ink is very messy and can stain your clothes and hands very easily.  Finally, some printers use electronic chips inside the ink cartridges and if you try to refill one of those types of ink, your printer will not accept it when the cartridge is reinserted.

Buying Capatible Ink Cartridges

Whether you're looking for Brother, Canon, Epson, or even HP compatible ink cartridges there tons of refurbished or refilled cartridges you can buy in the store or online.  If you don't want to deal with refilling cartridges yourself (something I highly recommend) and still want to save lots of money, buy re-manufactured cartridges.

There are many local stores that provide ink refills as well as sell refurbished compatible ink jet cartridges.  OfficeMax, for example, sells both their brand of ink cartridges (saving you about 20% off the original price) or can refill your cartridges in the store (for about 40% savings off the original price).  After local stores, the next best (and cheapest) way to buy compatible ink cartridges is on the internet.  There are many sellers who provide quality cartridges as very low prices.  On the internet, you can save about 60% with off-brand cartridges.


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