Computer Financing with Bad Credit

There are plenty of options when looking for computer financing. You may have a desktop computer or laptop already in mind that you would like. However, try not to get ahead of yourself. If you need financing for this purchase, you may want to see how much credit you get approved for first.

The best way to begin your search is to find out if your job offers any computer buying benefits. If you are employed by a bank, the federal government or military there are probably computer financing plans available to you through your employer. If you are lucky enough to fit into one of these groups you may also get a permanent low or no interest plan.

Another way to knock off some interest is to sign up for a store credit card that offers zero percent on large purchases. If you can afford high monthly payments then a short term no interest-financing plan will work for you. However, if you can only afford to pay a little each month, try to get a plan that guarantees no interest for a year or more on your purchase. If you are not very good with credit cards, you may want to cut up that store card after you buy your computer.

If bad credit is an issue, you may have better luck with a buy here, pay here or rent to own retailer, such as Blue Ribbon Rentals. You will pay more in the long run, but it could help put a smile on you or someone else’s face for the holidays.

Apple laptops and computers tend to be expensive, but if you love the brand then do not give up just yet. Apple has financial services on their website that will assist consumers and business with purchases. Apple and Barclay are now offering a Barclaycard Financing Visa that will work for consumers on their first Apple purchase of $900.00 or more.

Unless you are really in a financial pickle, you may be more confused by the high number of computer financing options out there. In order to avoid getting wrapped up in a bad situation just to get computer financing, stick to big name financiers and retailers. However, consumers can get into sticky credit conditions even with large, well-known companies. Even more important than paying attention to where you get financed is to pay attention to the details of the credit plan you choose.


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