Configuring Windows 7 firewall for eMule


After moving to Windows 7, I found that my eMule was connecting only with Low ID.
This did not happen when I was on Windows XP, so it had to be something that Windows 7 introduced.

Googling, I found that the solution was to set the Windows 7 firewall settings for eMule, correctly.

This is how you do it:

Getting TCP and UDP port numbers

In your eMule client, go to Options/Connection/Connection 1 and note the TCP and UDP Client port numbers.

Also, make sure the Disable next to the UDP is not checked.

Turn on firewall

In Windows, make sure the firewall is turned on.

To turn on Windows Firewall, go to Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Windows Firewall.

Then choose Turn Windows Firewall on or off from the left-hand list.

Now choose Advanced settings from the left-hand list.

And then choose Inbound Rules

The eMule TCP port rule

Create a rule for eMule TCP with the following parameters

The path to your eMule client

The TCP port you recorded above

The eMule UDP port rule

Create a rule for eMule UDP with the following parameters

The path to your eMule client

The UDP port you recorded above

Test your firewall rules

Close all dialog boxes you used to define the ports' rules.

Use file/exit from the firewall window.

Restart your eMule client.

In your eMule client, go to Options/Connection/Connection 1 and click the Test ports button.

If you see the following in the browser window, you're done.

Enjoy your new High ID.


All screen captures are from eMule v049b LH UltraFast 9.

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OldMen 13 months ago

Worked great for me. Thanks for German People.

unknown :) 18 months ago

İ thank you very much , that was very very helpful

eli 23 months ago

work proper

James 2 years ago

Very nice post, I would like to add - Sometimes we need to take expert advice to resolve some issues because some problems exists again and again after assist them by ourself.

Hostevil 2 years ago

Thanks from Poland :D

troplolop 3 years ago

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KatyPerry 4 years ago

Great! Finally it works! MegaThanx!

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ronbarak 4 years ago from Haifa, Israel Author

Hi DrDJ80,

A Google search found

You may want to try that thread suggestion.

DrDJ80 4 years ago

I got an error message about edge traversal and changing the "scope" but I don't know what to do. So I blocked all edge traversal. I still have low id.

Alex 5 years ago

Followed each and every step and got the following sh*t:

Starting TCP connection test...

TCP test failed! UDP test will not be performed.

Connection test finished.

Results in detail:

TCP connection test failed.

It was not possible, to establish a TCP connection to your eMule.

Other users will only be able to connect to you with the help of a server, resulting in a low ID for you. While eMule still works, this will give you several disadvantages. Therfore it is highly recommended to solve this problem.

How to resolve port problems... Something is interfering with your network communications. There are two main reasons for this:

If you are using a firewall, ensure that your firwall don't block the required ports! You might need to set a rule to allow the ports to be available.

If you use a router, make sure that your router forwards the required ports to your local IP!

NOW WHAT?? Btw, I use a TP-LINK router and I presume that I have to do some mumbo-jumbo with it too...

sanju 5 years ago

thank you so much it worked well :-)

lenwin7 5 years ago

yes, thanks

Amanda 5 years ago

Worked great for me. At first messed up but I realized my TCP and UPDs were originally different from those in the pictures. Make sure you change the ones on eMule to match th others (UPD- 54672, TCD- 54662) and that's what made it work for me. Thanks again!

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shimrit 5 years ago

It works!

Thank you..

Great job! :)

Diane 5 years ago

Worked! Thanks heaps.

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ronbarak 5 years ago from Haifa, Israel Author

My guess, lovkal, is that there's a mismatch in the number of TCP port in the firewall rules and in eMule. Make sure the same port number appears on both.

lovkal 5 years ago

It still doesn´t work for me...

I added those rules, tried with the Remote Access tips by andy, and the port test still says the same thing...

"TCP Test Failed"

Any help??

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ronbarak 5 years ago from Haifa, Israel Author

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ronbarak 6 years ago from Haifa, Israel Author

tyler, how about following my suggestion to Chase: try describing your problem on

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