Considering Mozilla Firefox Instead of Internet Explorer or AOL

It is not like me to download anything from the web. There are awful stories about people who have only to have their computers or an entire network of computers infected. So how come I downloaded Mozilla Firefox? More to the point, is it any good? Anyway, who am I to talk about such matters? No messing, those questions will be answered now – and you’ll not even be offered anything to download!

How Come I Downloaded Mozilla Firefox?

It was more than two years ago so I can’t actually remember. I remember Internet Explorer (IE) as some people refer to it was slow but I didn’t wake one morning and decide “today I will download Firefox”. Once upon a time I thought Firefox was for geeks only. I’d read about it in Digital Point Forums where geeks hang out and chat about things most people have never heard of. Perhaps I became a geek two years ago but I’ll not admit to that. The fact is I downloaded it and it is better than IE.

Is Mozilla Firefox any Good?

For me, with my crappy, none state of the art computer, a BT landline and a Thompson Speedtouch modem supplied by AOL (I hope you have a better setup), Firefox performs better than AOL or IE. AOL takes an age to set up because, seemingly, it is so busy adding adverts to your front page. The same can be said of IE, in fact the front page is not that different to AOL’s. Firefox, on the other hand, although with every update its Front Page does become a little more cluttered, is relatively advertising free – just a search box. This makes Firefox a lot quicker to open. Its tabs open quicker too. Also, should it close unexpectedly or when you close it yourself, next time you open it you are given the opportunity to start from where you left off.

I don’t like the pages they (Firefox) serve me – adverts – which are opened in another screen and which I have to look at when closing and which are sometimes (for some reason) resistant to being closed.

Who Am I to Talk About Such Matters?

Essentially, a nobody from nowhere. I'm Sally Pemberton, PA to WIma Proops. I’ve been using the internet for research and communications. Almost three years ago I started website development of my own. I’m one of a group of people and characters who between us have written and published about 5,000 articles online (and growing) on various sites including our own. That could be complete BS of course – people aren’t usually who they say they are on line. Whatever, we (all of us but me mostly because I do most of the publishing and spend most time online – up to 18 hours some days) think Mozilla Firefox is about 99% better than either AOL or Internet Explorer*

* I still got both and use them for backup. After a network goes down – which it does in my office more than anyone else’s because of my setup with AOL and BT – I use IE to reconnect to the internet.

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