Cool Ways to Recycle a Wine Bottle

Recycling has become very big in recent years, not only as a means to save our environment but also as a way to make use of items that otherwise would be thrown in the trash and taken to a landfill. There are numerous ways to recycle your wine bottle into some very cool personalized wine gifts. You can also make neat little gifts with corkscrews and other wine accessories. Because wine comes in colorful bottles, they make beautiful home decorations.

From the simple to the more exotic, you can learn how easily you can turn those old wine bottles into practical wine gifts. One of the simplest wine gifts you can make by recycling your colorful wine bottle is a pencil holder. When the wine bottle is empty, fill it up with water and put in a splash of soap. With your hand over the top, shake it and then dump the water in the sink. Now, fill it with warm water to rinse it out and pour that water in the sink. Find a narrow rod and wrap a paper towel around it. Insert the rod in the bottle to dry any residue of soap. Tip it upside down in the drain overnight to dry thoroughly. By morning, you'll have a pretty decorative pencil holder.

Another very pretty decoration involves cutting off the bottom of a wine bottle with a table-top tile saw. You can buy to simple boards to make a small wall shelf or for the rustic look, use used lumber. Stand the bottle on the shelf on top of a battery-operated tea light. Do not use a real candle because the glass will crack with the heat. This decoration makes a very nice setting when lit.

If you are one of the many adventurous individuals that make your own wine, recycle your wine bottles you already have in your home. It's safe and inexpensive to use them over and over. Because wine bottles are fragile, they are very expensive to ship so save your and keep using them. You'll not only be saving the environment but also be saving yourself money.

A very unique and fun idea, if you're handy, is to recycle your wine bottles into cheese boards. This requires the use of a kiln, which will melt the bottles down so they can be shaped into cheese boards. For a great Christmas gift, fill them with little Christmas lights.

It's also very easy to turn your old wine bottles into oil lamps. All you need is a wick (or you can make your own), a topper, bottle cap or the cork if you still have it and oil. You can use olive oil, canola oil or lamp oil. When you're done with the win, wash the bottle and let it dry. Make a hole in the center of your topper or cork so you can pull your wick through it. The length of your wick depends on the size of the bottle. Fill the bottle with half water and half oil and place the wick in the oil until it's saturated with oil. Put the topper on the bottle, wait five minutes and then light the candle, which should last for 3 to 5 hours.

Another excellent use of old wine bottles is filling them up with bath oils or bath salts. If you don't still have the cork, you can buy one very cheaply. These are excellent wine gifts, especially when put inside wine bottle bags with a decorative bow.

If you have wine racks in your homes that you'd like to see filled, collect your old wine bottles and paint them in decorative designs. They look beautiful sitting in your empty slots in your wine racks.

These are just a few simple ideas for cool ways to recycle a wine bottle. You'll be able to think of many if you let your imagination do the work for you.


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