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Blackberry Ranks #1 in 2009 Q4:

1. RIM – BlackBerry Curve
2. Apple – iPhone 3G S
3. Motorola – DROID
4. Apple – iPhone 3G
5. RIM – BlackBerry Pearl
6. RIM – BlackBerry Bold
7. RIM – BlackBerry Storm

8. Palm – Pre
9. RIM – BlackBerry Tour
10. T-Mobile – myTouch 3G

So, it seems, that even with all the new hype emerging surrounding the Android Platform in the smartphone industry, the results show that the huge majority of smartphone users are indeed loyal Blackberry users.

I currently own the Blackberry Curve 8900, and I can definitely see why it ranks #1 on the Q4 2009 list. It is one of the best and most stable Blackberry smartphones developed by Research in Motion (RIM). I have tried the iPhone as well as the Motorola Droid. I returned both of them. They just cannot compete with Blackberry.

Reviewing Crackberry

Having said this, if you're currently a Blackberry cell phone user (newbie, abuser, or seasoned addict), I want to share a great website that I recently stumbled upon,, where you can find all the information and tools you could ever want for your Blackberry device. After joining Crackberry (a totally free account), you will have access to:

  • Free software
  • Free wallpaper
  • Free wallpaper maker
  • Free ringtones (hundreds of them to download to desktop or to phone via OTA
  • Free access to Crackberry forum, providing useful help for Blackberry users
  • Tons of shortcuts, saving you immense time navigating your Blackberry
  • Opportunity to create your own, unique email address
  • Accessories for your Blackberry
  • Additional, useful downloads and tools
  • Paid applications to choose from as well
  • Product reviews
  • Blogs
  • Lower prices for paid software applications than other sites

One great application which is available at Crackberry is QuickLaunch. This is a top seller and a must-have for any Blackberry user and will forever change the ease of use in navagating your Blackberry. Priced at $4.99, you will be amazed at how cool this little tool is. Install QuickLaunch on your Home Screen and you will rarely have to use any of your other Blackberry icons ever again!

More Crackberry App Store Client Perks

After signing up for Crackberry, you will want to download the free CrackBerry App Store Client to your Blackberry device. After doing this, you can easily use this application to view all the applications that you have previously downloaded from Crackberry and stay up to date with the latest version of your applications. The CrackBerry App Store Client will tell you what version of the product you have. If there is an update for the product, you will automatically get an email telling you about the product update, at which time you can simply update your application with one click of a button for free. Other sites typically do not offer this service.

You can also go directly to the CrackBerry App Store Client at any time on your phone. If you see that one of your applications has an update available before the email is sent, you can simply update the product at that time as well with one click of a button.

Finally, you can use the CrackBerry App Store Client just as you would with Blackberry App World.

Reviewing Handango and Handmark

Prior to finding Crackberry, I had been utilizing Handango and Handmark to purchase all of my Blackberry Curve 8900 software applications. While I did find excellent applications and customer service at both of these sites, I found that Crackberry has virtually most of the same applications or equal equivalents, and Crackberry's prices are considerably lower than both Handango and Handmark. Also, the two aforementioned sites lack all the freebies that Crackberry has to offer.

Handango comes preinstalled as an application on many Blackberry devices, but after a little research and searching, I have found Crackberry to be a much more resourceful tool for all my Blackberry needs.

Crackberry, like Handango, also has a nifty mobile website that you can readily install and access from your Blackberry, enabling you to access all of Crackberry's tools directly from your Blackberry.

Device Compatibility

Please make sure that when you use, or any other website of your choosing, to download software applications that you first make sure your device is compatible with the software you are downloading.

Device compatibility is the first step to making sure your downloaded software works flawlessly on your Blackberry or, for that matter, works at all. Not checking device compatibility is a huge mistake people often make when downloading software. They then have problems down the road with their software not working, leading to frustration and the possibility of actually doing harm to the device itself.

Have Fun and Get Crackin'

So, there you have it, one of the greatest websites I have found for fun and many other resourceful tools for your Blackberry.

Take your Blackberry on a new journey into the unknown world of Crackberry!

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