How to Create a public_html Folder on Linux | Linux Apache | Linux public_html Permissions

Chmod public_html Advice

How to set up a public_html folder on linux, and commands to set chmod (Permissions).

Create public_html folder

Each user beneath the root of the Linux server has a space on the server called the “home” directory. This is located at /home. It is necessary to create a foler called public_html in this folder. This is where the *.html and *.php files will be stored and accessed from FTP and HTTP clients.

The command to create this folder is as follows: Type the following code into the terminal.

]$ cd /home

]$ mkdir public_html

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Set Permissions Linux

After the folder has been created the permissions have to be set.

  • Owners can read, write and execute
  • Groups can only read and execute
  • Others can only read and execute

The decimal value for this is 755.

The command to change the permissions of public_html to this is as follows:

]$ chmod public_html 755

The key terminal command here is 755. It is also necessary to set permissions on files within the FTP, this can be done in a windows graphical user interface accessing the Linux server via an FTP client.


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