Create an Email Marketing campaign and increase visits to your site

Create an Email Marketing campaign and increase visits to your site

Email is a form of communication most used on the Internet. Almost every Internet user has an email account, which in most cases, is the first thing we look on the computer.

Given this simple fact, it would be interesting if we could take advantage of e-mail as an extra channel of communication between your site and visitors. Ensuring a flow of extra visitors, strengthening the brand of your website, increase sales and so on.

This can be done by creating a News Bulletin (or NewsLetter if you prefer) that would serve to send email directly to the visitors, the updates published on the website and other relevant tips.

A mailing list could bring several benefits to the site as:

. Wider audience. The visitors would be reminded to go back to your site from time to time.

. Increased income generation.
You can take the list to notify visitors about product launches, discounts or include links to affiliate programs (do this carefully, if your email is inconvenient, you certainly will lose the visitor and burning the image of the site).

. Strengthening the brand. Sending emails constantly strengthens your brand in the mind of the visitor, which in time will remember your site as well as Coca Cola comes to mind when we are thirsty.

Just one person thinking of soda that Coca Cola's name comes.

Visitors so often help you promote your site in a very old but effective way is to spread word-of-mouth and recommended your site whenever a friend needs something that can be found on your website.

How to create a mailing list
To create a mailing list is necessary to capture visitors email addresses in any way and there are several alternatives, such as programs that allow you to send emails from your machine, systems must be installed on your server or management systems that facilitate independent and make safer the capturing and managing emails.

Online System
A free and widely used for this purpose is the PHPList that can be installed on your server. It allows you to capture e-mail via a form that can be installed on a web page and allows the sending of newsletters through a control panel.

Local Program

In an Internet search found a program called Mailman that lets you create and manage mailing lists directly to your computer. Price $69.

Independent Management
Aweber is a management service Email online marketing has advanced features allowing you to enjoy the full potential of e-mail list. Price $19 dollars per month for up to 500 e-mail registrations.

Create a mailing list to send news bulletins can bring great results in the long run, but is only recommended for use on sites with frequent updates. In other cases could be waste of time.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that no one likes to be disturbed, so do not be tempted to buy lists containing millions of e-mails or use the software to capture e-mails from sites and then send spam emails to these people without their concent.

No matter what is going on in your head, just send e-mail useful for people who gave him permission.

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