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Working with the site www.110mb.com


It is one of the free hosting websites, that is very useful for every person who wants to host his site without any cost. Another advantage of using this site is that you can put advertisements in the site that you hosting using 110mb.com and earn money from it. The only disavantage is that your site address will have an extenstion 110mb.com in the end. For example see the site


The home screen of the site will look like

Once you have created an account after success email verification you will be taken to administrator panel.

This will look like the image given.

There two options are available, either to create a site using the site builder provided by 110mb.com or to upload the site you already created .

This site also provides some value added services like mysql server, extended storage space( more than the default 110mb), and some other services.

The other free services provided by 110mb.com includes traffic analysing tools, one click installation applications, and instructions to make money from the sites you created

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