The Dangers of iPods & MP3 Players

People of all ages use iPods and MP3 players for listening to music, the news, and even to audio books. These are fabulous, small gadgets that are easy to transport and use just about anywhere. I use my MP3 player all the time: while commuting on the bus, running on the treadmill, sitting at my desk at work. However, there are some risks to using these devices that everyone should be aware of. With a bit of caution and common sense, you should easily be able to avoid these dangers.

For Those With Pacemakers

If you wear a pacemaker, the next time you see your teenage granddaughter, make sure she puts her iPod away before giving her a hug. For some people who have cardiac pacemaker implants, iPods and some MP3 players can cause skipped heartbeats. You could be at risk even from a foot and a half away from the device.

Evidence of this problem between pacemakers and iPods comes from a Michigan Statue University study. Definitely ask your doctor about any interferences you should be cautious of if you have a pacemaker or wear an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator).You can find more information on this report by visiting Doctors will even warn against those with pacemakers and ICDs to avoid wearing magnetic jewelry (many necklaces have magnetic clasps) because the magnetic fields are what can cause the problems.

For Those Who Like It Loud

If you listen to the music at a high volume, you can suffer from hearing loss because you wear the device tucked into your ear canal. Hearing loss isn’t only related to the volume of what you listen to, but also the duration. MP3 players and iPods are designed to hold countless songs, and provide long amounts of continuous listening time. No matter your age, you have to keep the risk of potential hearing loss in mind while listening to these devices.

In fact, many of these gadgets will begin to have built in time limits that won’t let you listen to music past a certain decibel after a set amount of time.

Wearing Them in the Car

It might sound crazy, but I know people who wear and listen to these things while driving. First of all, there is potential danger if you are focusing on switching between songs while driving. This can be as distracting as trying to text message while operating a vehicle. It just isn’t safe. Second, if you like it loud, then you probably won’t be able to hear the traffic around you. Not only will this affect the safety and reactions of your driving, but can create problems if you aren’t able to hear approaching emergency sirens. Seriously, your car is not the appropriate place to listen to these devices. Use your car stereo.

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Kathryn Vercillo profile image

Kathryn Vercillo 8 years ago from San Francisco

You would think it would be obvious not to wear iPods while driving. But then you'd also think that it would be obvious not to put it through the washing machine, wouldn't you? ( The use of any gadget requires some basic common sense. Thanks for the info!

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 8 years ago from Seattle Author

The washing machine? Oh man!

I think the driving thing is obvious, but I actually know people who do it. Crazy.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia

I'm pretty cautious about playing my ipod loud, but at the same time when I'm upset or pissed, the volume will go up.

snarlmkiv profile image

snarlmkiv 8 years ago

thanks for this informative and helpful hub. it's amazing how something so small can be so hazardous or even dangerous. still, one very good article. i give it a rate up.

ipodcaster profile image

ipodcaster 8 years ago

I bought an iPod Touch and my fingers ache after holding on to it for just a short while. (No, I don't hold it in a "death grip.") It's got to be the EMFs. Wish I had bought an ordinary iPod or MP3 player. Accessing the Internet with the iPod Touch is not a very fun experience as much as it is frustrating -- the screen is too small. Also, the first time I put a cellphone to my ear I felt a weird sensation. EMFs and transmission waves. We have such fun toys, but what will be the long-term price...

hardwaremarket profile image

hardwaremarket 8 years ago from India

hey just an information for music lovers

Apple has finally made public the news of its much awaited and demanded deal with iTune to allow DRM (Digital Rights Management) free songs.

joe 7 years ago

This in reference to the comment about people wearing earbuds while listening to their iPod. It's dangerous to do, but there's an alternative. Most modern car audio systems contain an AUX port. Plugging the iPod into the AUX port will result in the music being played through the car speakers, so there's no need for earbuds that block out the sound of the person honking at you as you careen into another driver .

JOHAVERAGE` 7 years ago

These dangers have been around ever since head phones were invented. There is no reason for panic. Just exercise caution when rocking out......btw there was a story about this on my local news last night, sometimes i feel like it's their job just to scare the hell out of us. Find out the thing you don't know about the internet that might kill you, news at 11.

jawad Benaicha Loux 6 years ago

I see that all the media players affect the human body negatively... We have to think about our safety, because we are responsibles for our lifes. This penominous started killing people even in the third world countries.

LifeLiver 5 years ago

Wow, I seriously never knew about the risks. Thanks a lot for enlightening my world :)

Western 3 years ago

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Joe 3 years ago

you don't need the website for rogetinns . just go to your itunes listen to the song (remember the start time and the end time of the specific part you want) right click the song, then click get info, in options type in your start and stop time, then press ok, right click again and then convert to acc, right click the new file (40 seconds or less) and open in new window, right click that and rename the .m4a to .m4r drag into your rogetinns section of itunes and sync, VIOLA.

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