Netbook 101 - General Information About Netbooks

Asus Eee Pc

A netbook is a small portable laptop computer, especially used for basic and easy applications such as word processors or web-based applications. The basic features of netbooks are that they are generally 5 inches to 13 inches sized, 2 to 3 (~1 kg ) weighed and often significantly cheaper than general netbooks. For example; for now a netbook is nearly 300- 600$.

Also , owing to the poor performance of netbooks, they typically run either Windows XP or Linux ( however recently Microsoft announces Windows 7 Startes Edition which is desined for netbooks. ) in addition to this, netbooks before the Windows 7 just let you to use 3 applications at the same time. ( we hope that Windows 7 Starter Edition will alter this.)

However, they have some drawbacks and one of them is opticl disc drivers. The lack of this driver make netbooks need of solid- state storage devices and as these require less energy and are smaller, lighter and generally more durable.

And finally, if we mention about some brands on netbooks, although they are numerous, there is the most known one and the one which try to catch. Asus vs Acer. Asus is the leader of this market but it is not alone because alsi Acer has good and sufficient products for this area. And of course Hp and Sony are not forgetable for this situation, they have also some good netbooks.

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