5 DigicelPNG Services You Might Find Useful


The introduction of Digicel to Papua New Guinea (PNG) has revolutionized the communications industry in the country. As a result, many people now have access to affordable mobiles and internet browsing.

The company also has a number of services it offers with its data and voice service and below I have listed five (5) which you might find useful.

DigicelPNG's location

A markerKennedy Rd, Port Moresby -
Kennedy Rd, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
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Digicel (PNG) Ltd Kennedy Road, Gordons PO Box 1618 Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

5 Digicel Services You May Find Useful

“Please Call Me”

This is a service that allows you to send request for other DigicelPNG subscribers to call you when you have no call credits.To request someone to call you, simply type *126*[number]# and send.

“Credit Me”

This is a service requesting someone to credit your account. To request someone to send you credits, type *127*[number]*[amount requested]# and send.

How to send credits

To send credits to someone, type *128*[number]*[amount]# and send. You will have to confirm this transaction by pressing 1 on the keypad.

There is a 30t charge for this service.

Check your credit balance

To check your credit balance, simply type *120# and send.

Recharge your credits

To recharge your account credits you must first purchase a TopCard or voucher from the ATM. Then type *121*[voucher number]# and send.

You can also recharge using DirectToUp; a service that sends credits directly to your account – instantaneous and no receipts. However, this involves giving your mobile number to a Digicel TopUp dealer.

Other Services

There are also other Digicel services that you might find useful like Boomer and many others. However, you will have to contact them for a full list of services they provide.

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