Digital SLR Camera Beginner's Advice

Digital SLR Camera, or sometimes only known as SLR camera has become a worldwide phenomenon. Despite the high price of a digital SLR camera, you can still see people walking around proudly hanging their camera around their neck almost everywhere you go. SLR camera, which is short for Single Lens Reflex camera allows you to be fully creative and in control of your picture taking experience.

Before we continue on, let's first clear the confusion between the differences of digital SLR camera and SLR camera. They are practically both the same, except that digital SLR camera, is well, digital, which often uses memory card as means of storage of images, while SLR camera uses film instead. However, today, most owners of a digital SLR camera still refer their camera as SLR camera. The terms are interchangeable.

What makes digital SLR camera so powerful is its ability to change lenses, as well as change the settings of the camera's shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO, and a whole lot of other settings which gives you the full power to manipulate how you want your picture to be taken. For beginners there's also the autofocus function, however digital SLR camera works at its best when you shoot it on manual.

Digital SLR camera is quite pricey, even for entry-level ones. It is totally up to you on how much you want to invest when buying one. The higher the price, the more feature rich the camera will be. Not to forget that you will have to fork out on lenses as well. If you are a beginner who had not yet mastered manual focus picture taking and 'playing' with the settings, you should get an SLR camera with autofocus until you get the hang of it.

Having an SLR camera is all about the lenses. Great quality lenses equals great quality photographs. Be extra careful when purchasing lenses, as they are often pricey, and they might have a different mount than your digital SLR camera, which does not match.

When you purchase your SLR camera, what you need to do is to sit down and learn all the terms and understand how your camera works before being able to learn how to take stunning photos. Learn about your camera's aperture control, shutter speed control, and exposure compensation so you will be able to manually set your camera accordingly.

Once you learn the functions of your camera, you should get a hang on changing the settings, using different lenses and try to take pictures manually. You'd be surprised how fun it is to take pictures when you have full control over your digital SLR camera.

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

A great little article which I am sure will benefit many.

Up up and away here.

Take care;


sasta10 profile image

sasta10 4 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad you found my article useful. Thanks.

Camera Prices profile image

Camera Prices 4 years ago from Toronto, ON

The other downside to DSLR's are the weight. A Nikon D3 is five lbs of Camera, and unless you're really shooting it's sometimes just as easy to use your camera phone.

sasta10 profile image

sasta10 4 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

I guess camera such as Nikon D3 is for serious photographers who uses their camera for professional jobs so they won't mind mind carrying a heavy camera like this. You are right camera phones are some times useful to take pictures and latest models of phone now days comes with good quality built in cameras with better resolutions and focus lens and you can shoot a good quality image with them. Thanks for your comment.

POSITIVEHOPE 4 years ago from HYDERABAD, India

Good info. If it is compared with same range cameras like D5100 and Rebel T3i with features and price tags along side performance, could be still more informative/

Thanks for info.

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