Disable automatic updates in Adobe Reader and Java

Date Published : 5 Feb 2011

Earler today, I've writter about how to disable automatic updates in Flash player. Here I'm mentioning the steps for disabling automatic updates in Adobe Reader and Java Runtime. The steps here are releatively simple. Adobe reader is used for reading PDF files and Java runtime is used by applications developed on Java.

Disabling in Adobe Reader

  • Open Adobe Reader.
  • Click on "Edit" in the menu bar and select "Preferences". Mac users should select Preferences from Acrobat/Reader.
  • There will be big list of categories on the left. Select "Updater" from the list.
  • In the next step you'll have three options. 1. Automatically install updates. 2. Automatically download updates, but let me choose when to install them. 3. Do not download or install updates automatically.
  • Second one is selected by defailt. To disable updates select the third option
  • Click on "OK" and you are done.

Disabling in Java

  • Open Windows Control Panel
  • Open Java in the control panel
  • Select "Update" from the tabs on the top
  • Uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically"
  • When unchecked, it will ask whether to "Check Monthly" or "Never Check". Click the one you want.
  • Click "OK' and that’s it.

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Julian Lilio 5 years ago

Disabling Java updates this way won't work if the user doesn't have administrator rights. Still looking for a solution... this auto-update behavior of some software applications is annoying for the users and troublesome for IT administrators.

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