Disaster Recovery Management Growing In India

Sanovi Technologies’ Latest Software

DRM Market Will Grow To Rs.300 Crore in Three Years Time

DRM Market Will Grow To Rs.300 Crore in Three Years Time
DRM Market Will Grow To Rs.300 Crore in Three Years Time | Source

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Importance of Disaster Recovery

Importance of Disaster Recovery

DRM Software is witnessing a serious growth. What is DRM software? DRM stands for Disaster Recovery Management. Sanovi Technologies is a leader in DRM.software. What is puzzling is that the DRM software is witnessing a good demand in India. What is even more puzzling is that this demand comes from the small and medium enterprises segment. Chandra Sekhar Pulamarasetti is the founder and CEO of Sanovi Technologies. The CEO sees the demand for DRM software growing as firms are forced to ensure the continuity of their business in the face of external risks like climate change and natural disasters.

Till Eighties There Was No Need for Disaster Recovery Plans

The external risk factor is weighing in the minds of the business community more than ever during the present time than at any point of time in the past. In the past, uncertainties and disasters were few and far between. Technology had also not developed to such a great extent. I remember the banking industry in India carrying on in the old fashioned style of ledger entries and day book writing even in the eighties. Only in the nineties did computerisation and automation took a great progress.

Had Osama Been Intelligent, He Could Have Crippled USA

In those days, when a customer deposited money in his account, the cashier collected the money and issued the counterfoil to the customer. The clerk posted the entry in the ledger. In the evening, the officer checked the ledger entries manually and initialled. Day book was completed with the help of all the vouchers manually. In those days of manual entries, there was no necessity for a disaster recovery. Even if an entire branch was affected by flood, other branches still carried on. But today when networking had taken such a deep route, disaster recovery has assumed crucial importance. It is possible to make the entire banking industry to come to a standstill by planting bombs in crucial places that produce networking throughout the world. Today’s terrorists may be fools and target railway stations and markets to kill innocent people. But what is the guarantee that tomorrow’s terrorists may not be very intelligent and target such places to paralyse vital networking systems like banking, railway traffic signals and air communication etc? Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda were fools and directed their energy at the World Trade Centre. They were satisfied with killing some three thousand Americans. Had Osama been intelligent, he would not have targeted at killing people. Instead, he would have concentrated in attacking such systems that would have paralysed the US government for months and maybe years. USA would have been crippled to such an extent that it would have lost its superpower status.

Operation of Lenz’s Law

Tsunamis and earthquakes were very few. But the frequency of these natural catastrophes has increased drastically because of tampering of nature by man due to various industrial activities. Forests are destroyed, sea is polluted and the entire climate is changing for the worst. These changes are not promising to produce betterment for the mankind. Deterioration of nature’s balance will force changes on the system in such a way to oppose these changes. What we are witnessing is in a way operation of Lenz’s Law in physics. Moreover technology has grown to such an extent that everything is interconnected with others. If banking grinds to a halt, then industry and services sector will also come to a halt. Hospitals will stop functioning. One thing leads to other. One disaster is followed by other.

DRM Market Will Grow To Rs.300 Crore in Three Years Time

If you understand this, you will agree that companies like Sanovi Technologies have great future in the world. Every firm is working in an IT environment. The dividing line between an IT company and a non-IT company is fading. A disaster in a firm can cause total interruption of processes, extreme downtime, loss of revenue and disruption in business operations. In the next three years, Sanovi Technologies anticipates that the DRM software market in India will grow to around Rs.300 crore. Demand is expected to come from both corporate sector and the government. Eight State governments have adopted e-governance in India. More than two hundred projects will require data recovery management.

Sanovi Technologies’ Latest Software

Sanovi Technologies’ DRM software enables reporting, data recovery monitoring, workflow information of complex IT applications and infrastructure and testing. Sanovi Technologies launched recently its Sanovi DRM 4.0 product suite. This next generation software enables business continuity processes easier for firms. This software leverages virtualization to simplify business continuity testing and planning. This software delivers advanced services and applications for the data centre. This software reduces the complexity and risk involved in executing disaster recovery workflows. Clients can deploy this Sanovi DRM software without the need for any extra software in their mission critical infrastructure.

UID Project Uses Sanovi Technologies’ DRM Software

Sanovi Technologies has at present more than sixty customers. Most of its customers are from the insurance, banking and financial services industry. Sanovi Technologies has been awarded the Phase I of the recovery management contract for the Unique Identification project (UID) Aadhaar. UID project is a data intensive project. Different kinds of information (data) is collected from every citizen of India and stored in a centralised server. Sanovi Technologies will be providing DRM software that combines reporting, monitoring, drill automation and testing.

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