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So here is a simple command code which will accept the name of the user and show it in the pop up message

title by AthulExe @ TricksOverdrive
echo hey what's you're name ?
set /P name=
title by AthulExe @ TricksOverdrive
msg * "hi %name% hope you enjoyed this cmd code :)"
msg * "more cool tricks at www.tricksoverdrive.co.cc"

to display a pop up message using cmd what u have to do is

use the code

msg * "the message which should be shown in the pop up box"

set /P function is used to accept a value from the user

and %name% display the value stored in %name%

how to use this cool trick ?

u can put you customized cmd code in a note pad and save it as TITLE.bat

and copy it and paste it in you'r friends startup

so it will display this code each time he switch ons his pc

or u can put it in your pen-drive and use autorun file to open it

so when ever someone opens your pen-drive it will display your personal message

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mann 4 years ago

if you put @echo off ..you don't need to use cls

AthulExe-ae profile image

AthulExe-ae 4 years ago from India Author

i used that cls since i've written an echo statement in between, any way the pop up will work fine without that cls. Thanks for you're comments :)

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