Do Freebies Make Sense?

The Truth About Freebies

Do you like freebies? Who doesn’t?

But have you ever wondered how can there be something like a freebie at all?

How can somebody give you something for free without asking something in return?

These are logical questions because on the face of it, freebies don't make sense. It is not economically feasible for anybody to hand out free things for any length of time. At the same time it is a fact that there are lots of freebies around on the internet.

So is there some catch? Are there some strings attached to what seems to be free, after all? What is the truth?

The Surprising Truth About Freebies

Expectedly, most freebies do have strings. They do exact some price from you which may not be in the terms of dollars or cents.

But what is surprising is that there are lots of freebies which you can call really free freebies. No cost or obligation or hidden catch at all. Let us have a look at both.

Freebies With Strings

Some freebies come to you because of third party promotions. You have to look at some ads for using them. Globe7 is an example of such freebies

Other freebies work on the same principle but in a different way. They promote their own paid services by giving you a fully functional free version with some limitations. You can use the utility or software for free as long as you don't mind the limitations but have to pay if you want to use its full features.

Here the idea is that if a person gets used to the free version, the user is most likely to pay for it when their needs outgrow the bounds of the free service.

This works like this: if you have been using a free version of an application or service for long you would become familiar with its workings over the time. So naturally you would be more likely to go for its paid version if you feel that you want those features which you can’t get with the limited version. This is because you already know how it works and as its free version has given you good results, you would feel that you would get even better results with its full version.This is unobtrusive selling at its best.

You may see such subtle marketing technique in VoIP services also. You would be allowed to make calls for free as long as you want but with some limitations. So when you want features not included in the free service, you would be inclined to go for the paid subscription.

Such marketing often succeeds because it gives you value first while introducing other features that you have to pay for if you want.

Are Stringed Freebies of Poor Quality?

Not necessarily. Just because such freebies have a sort of hidden agenda, it does not mean that they are necessarily of lower worth.

On the other hand such goodies generally tend to be of high quality, giving you excellent service within their stated limitations. The reason is they have to earn their income by successfully promoting themselves or third party products which they can't do by handing out worthless products for long.

As far as we freebie lovers are concerned, why to mind a little trumpeting on their part if we can get a free ride with them

The Really Free Freebies

These are the goodies that gladden the hearts of the seekers of the ultimate in freebies. No ads, no up selling, no limited feature versions or obligations of any kind. All offered on a silver platter for you to use and enjoy.

Here I am not talking about something like free tools or widgets which you can get quite freely though they are by no means useless.

Here I am talking about full-fledged complete operating systems like Linux, fully functional office suites or html-editors like Nvu and other resources which work as well as, if not better than, the costly paid alternatives on the market.

Their developers have spent lots of time and money on them and now offer them free under open general license. Not only that, they maintain web sites so you can download them and get support when you need it.

So why do they do this? Do they have some mission? Do they have some secret agenda? Or are they just generous and nothing else?

Perhaps nobody can answer these questions - at least I can't.

But one thing can be said for sure: Hats off to such freebies providers! May their tribe increase to give us more and more of what you and I want: something for nothing!

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Indigital 4 years ago

There's some YouTube "freebie" now, where you apparently make $200 a day without doing anything. Clicked on the link, gambling website. They're using the 'Top Comment' thing to get more traffic.

surefire profile image

surefire 4 years ago Author

Interesting. But is what you say real?

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

aslaught profile image

aslaught 4 years ago from Alabama

Interesting hub! Thanks for sharing!

surefire profile image

surefire 4 years ago Author

Glad you find this interesting. Thanks

Kara 4 years ago

Good information

putnut profile image

putnut 4 years ago from Central Illinois or wherever else I am at the moment.

be careful as some "freebies" contain malicious code like adware or spyware, and others are worse, like inviting in trojans and worms and viruses.

surefire profile image

surefire 4 years ago Author

putnut, a very good point. You can never be too careful when downloading anything. It is always a good policy to download reputed software from sources you can trust.

I had come across a very reputed site which featured more than a hundred safe freebies but it escapes me now.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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