Do You Know Anything About Internet Scams

I Do know Something About Internet Scam

Hi everybody!

Someone asked if I know something about Internet scams, and I am answering here. I do know something about Internet scams. Here are few of the most common Internet scams.

The Lottery Prize

You will receive messages, (usually spam, unwanted messages), which announce you that you are the lucky winner of a lottery prize, usually based on email addresses selection, and they will ask you private information in order to receive your money. They use to claim that the prizes are deposited in countries which have nothing to do with that lottery, (Nigeria is champion in the statistics), and they will ask you to pay some fees as government taxes or lawyer taxes if you want to cash your prize.

The Internet is full of resources, never forget this. Any lottery from any country has a web page, and you may access it. You can easily find out the rules of any lottery and you may find out if you won indeed something, which is not the case. These rules may be different from country to country, but one rule is common everywhere in the world. YOU CAN NOT WIN IF YOU DON'T PLAY! And no lottery in the world will tell you the ammount of the prize you won through email.

The Russian Rich Relative

You will receive messages, (usually spam), from former Russian countries, from some person taking care of an old sick mother, which is a descendent of an ex-general or ex-minister from the former Soviet Union dead but with a thick bank account, and they will ask you to help them to get back their inheritance offering you to share the money. My advice: make a picture with the money you will give them, if want to see that money again.

The African Inheritants

You will receive, (especially males), messages (usually spam), from pretty girls, black or white, (sorry, I am not rasist, but most of the messages came from black girls from african countries), which will claim that they are in some political refugees camp and they will ask you to help them to recover the money which their parents, (killed in some revolution), left in african banks, and they are offering you themselves with the money together. Remember my advice from above? I didn't changed my opinion.

The Friendly Bank Managers

You wil receive messages, (usually spam), and some bank mahagers from different countries will introduce themselves and will explain how a very rich costumer from a different country of their own, (they belong to countries from Asia And Africa and the costummers are either americans, either europeans), had left a huge account of money in their bank and he died somehow, naturraly or by accident, and has no kins. You will be proposed to give them private information and to present yourself as inheritant of the deceased custommer, and you will share the money after the work is done. Of course, you will have to pay some fees for that. The advice, again. No country in this world will give you few million dollars because you go there and you claim that you are relative with a man you've never heard.

Brand New - Update Your Information Account

New strategy on the market. You will receive messages, (usually spam), in which you will be announced either that your account is blocked, (some bank calling itself "Liberty Reserve" does this with me, although I have never opened an account at this bank, I even didn't knew that there is such a bank on the earth, but they ask me to update my private information in order to reopen??? my account, which I don't), either someone tried to access illegal your account and you need to update it (some bank called "CityBank" tried several times that with me). No serious bank sends you a message asking you private information on the Internet if you are not a client.

Online Dating - Individuals

Usually men will receive messages from girls all over the world, one more younger than the other and one more beautifull than the other, which are single, without any vice, most of them with university studies???, which are ready to quit everything only to become your lovely and faithfull wife, but after few messages they will ask you plain ticket money in order to come to you. Even on Myspace I found this strategy. The advice with the picture is still available.

Online Dating - Sites

The Internet is full of them. Most of them are serious, but...

There are few which will propose you to open an account for free, and then they will offer you one month for one dollar, or something similar, and once you are giving them your bank account, you will find out two or three months later that you are paying full memebership. It happened to me wjth "OneDate" site. I had to cancell my bank account and my credit card to get rid of them, although I have canceled my membership, and I am still receiving messages from them after all this time. Another site is "Meetic", which fooled me to pay four dollars for one month and then they cashed me three months for full price. At least they stopped when I canceled my subscription.

One tricky way of these sites to attract you is to send you messages as coming from pretty girls from foreign countries, and if you want to answer them you must upgrade your membership.

Don't get me wrong, I am not the kind of guy who spend his time through online dating sites, but, as a writer, (at least this I am trying to consider myself), I am sticking my nose everywhere to see what's going on. Otherwhise i couldn't share this with you now.

How Can You Protect Yourself

I want to state something. I am buying frequently online and no scam in the world will stop me to do that. The majority of the online sites are honest, and if you are scammed by someone this doesn't mean that everybody online does this. However, if you are taking yourself some precaution measures, you are safer online than on the street.

When I saw that this things can happen indeed online, the first thing I've done was to open a new account in my bank and a new credit card, and I am leaving that account empty all the time. When I want to buy something online, after I find out the price I am depositing the right ammount of money in that account and I am buying from that account. If someone wants to make another payment later from that account, will find it empty. Plus, I am announced when somebody tries to access my account. It's that simple.

One free online solution for knowing which sites are trustfull is WOT, (Worth Of Trust), a plugin from Mozilla Firefox. As affiliate marketer, I am dealing every day with hundreds of sites and hundreds of emails, (yes, you've heard right, hundreds of emails), This WOT plugin (which is free and can be downloded and installed with the Mozilla Firefox browser, which is also free to download and install, and has a lot of useful plugins), warns me every time when I am accessing or I am hovering a site with my mouse. They have a degree qualification for each site, and when it's dangerous you receive a secial signal. As for now, I found it very useful, and 100% fair in it's decisions.

More things about Internet you may find in my blog, "I Am An Affiliate!",


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