God are you there? YES! Do cell towers reach heaven?!

Do cell towers reach heaven?!


There was a truck driver who traveled the united States, he traveled from north to south and from the east coast to the west coast. At a certain time each day he had to call his home office and check in. This was very important, if he did not make the call he would not get paid for that day. When he was on the west coast, in the desert of Death Valley California to be exact, he had no cell towers and stopped at a gas station to use a pay phone. He saw a regular black phone and next to it a gold phone. He looked closely at the gold phone there was a small sign that said God 100,000.00 dollars a minute. “Woe!” he said out loud as he picked up the black phone. As he drove back towards the east coast he was in Arizona when it was time to make the call, and again he did not have cell towers and stopped to use a pay phone. Again he saw a black phone and a gold phone, he read the sign on the gold phone this time it said God, 1,000.00 dollars a min. He shook his head as he picked up the black one. The next day he was in Texas and when it was time to make the call, still no towers, so he stopped again to use the pay phone. Again there were two phones one black and one gold. He read the sign on the gold one which said, God 800.00 a minute. Then when he drove until it was time to make the call, you guessed it, no towers. He was in Louisiana this time, so he stopped to use the pay phone again there were the two phones and the gold one had a sign that read God 250.00 a minute. The next time he stopped it was in Alabama. There were no towers available there either so he had to use the pay phone again. And there were the two phones here as well. This time there was the same type of black phone and a gold phone, but this gold phone wasn’t as shinny and bright as all the others had been. He read the sign, it said God, .50 cents per call. Just then a man walked by, “hey”, he called to him. “Come here I want to ask you about this phone.” “Yeah,” the man said. The truck driver explained that in California the call to God was 100,000.00 a minute then in Texas it was 800.00 a minute and in Louisiana it was 250.00 a min. Why was it only .50 cents a call here? The man looked at him funny, didn’t he know? “Well” he said, “We are in the Bible Belt. It’s a local call here.”

Is it really possible to call God? In a sense, yes. You do not have to be in a church to talk to God, although you can talk to Him there. You can get your cell phone out, hold it up to your ear and talk away. Everyone around you will think you are talking to a human, BUT GOD will know you are talking to Him. Just say Hello God its me. You don’t even have to say your name, He knows your name. He knows who you are. In fact, He knows everything about you. He made you, and He loves you. Just remember you are talking to The Creator of everything, who knows everything, be nice! God is real and he is really talking to people everyday. No, you probably will not hear an audible voice, although you might, but listen anyways. God usually talks in a small still voice, a voice you hear inside, in your spirit. You are having a conversation with God, you are praying. That is what praying is, talking to God. Because this is a conversation you must listen and allow God to respond to you in this conversation just as you would if you were talking to another human. If your not sure what to say, let me help you. You have already started the conversation when you said Hello God its me, now wait a minute, He may say “Hello me” God does have a sense of humor, or He may just listen. Then you could say, God I am calling you today because …….

At this point I must tell you that if you are not a Christian, there is a wall up between you and God. The tower you are talking from is too short, the signal is failing. If you really want God to talk to you, you must tell Him you are sorry if you have done anything that He might consider sin. That if you have you would like to ask for forgiveness. You see there are many things that people do, who are not Christians, that don’t seem all that bad. Lie for instance, one lie = one sin, one sin you can’t get in. BUT you are talking to God here. The one true God. If you ask for forgiveness God will forgive you. Now you have a tower to God that goes over that wall. The signal to God is restored for this moment. This does not mean you are saved but only forgiven. To have total access to God all the time every time and become one of His children you must ask Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate tower. He is always there, full force! in other words FULL TOWERS! Just ask Jesus to come into your heart and help you to be who God made you to be. It is He that will help you in ways no human can.

You can now tell Him your situation and ask Him for His help. You might say,

God, I have to make a decision and I want your help to make the right one in this situation.

Wait, listen.

Then you could say, Id like you to give me thoughts that help me understand the consequences of the choices I have.

Wait, listen.

Now you might say I am asking you to bring to my mind all the options that there are. I am only human and you are God, the God who created every thing and I am sure you have some really good ideas that you can give me. I know you know what is going on in my life and that you know everything.

Wait and listen. The Bible says it is the humble that get help, and that God resists the proud. You are humbling yourself by asking. There is sort of rule, you must ASK. God is always there, always willing BUT GOD will not force himself on anyone! He must be invited into your life, your situation, your finances, your home, your work etc. etc.

I believe a lot of times we ourselves can not hear God, although He is talking to us. If you do not hear him, check out what He has said in His Holy word, the Bible. There are three basic ways God talks to us, one, directly in our spirit, two, through His Holy word and three by God lead people.

Keep listening for His answer. Remember God does not really use the phone, He can talk to you or give you a word in any moment that you have a clear mind that will enable you to hear Him.

Maybe your tower is down and you can’t receive His answer. Call Him again later.

Do cell towers reach heaven? Yes if Jesus is the tower!

 Do cell towers reach heaven? Yes if Jesus is the tower!

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fred allen profile image

fred allen 5 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

This is really good! You did a fantastic job. If I wasn't already saved, this would lead me on my way!

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