Does Kindle Fire HD work well in Africa?

Using Kindle fire hd in Nigeria

After reading a lot of hype and reviews about Amazon's latest tablet version - The Kindle fire hd, and having followed the kindle revolution for so long, almost religiously, I decided that it was time to get a Kindle for myself, even though I live in Nigeria, West Africa.

One question a lot of people in Africa would want to know about the kindle or rather the latest Kindle fire hd is "Whether it would be useful in Africa?. "Does Amazon offer support for Kindle fire users in Africa?".

Well one way to find out the extent of services and satisfaction one can gain from using the Kindle fire hd here in Africa, particularly Nigeria is to simply get one and use it.

I got my 7 inch Kindle fire hd after about 7 days of ordering on Amazon using a mail forwarding service and have been using it in Nigeria. It may not offer the service serivices or benefits in Africa as it would offer it the user was in the USA or UK and so this is my review of using the Kindle fire in Nigeria, West Africa and I guess it would be similar to what is obtainable in other parts of Africa.

Things you can do with Kindle Fire HD in Nigeria, West Africa

  • Copy and Listen to stored music such as mp3
  • Copy and Watch stored videos in formats such as MP4, 3GP and VP8
  • Copy and read computers documents like DOC, DOCX and PDF
  • Browse the internet using a Wireless connection
  • Copy and View stored pictures in a gallery in formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP
  • Do online shopping
  • Install Android games from Non-Amazon sites

Things you cannot do with Amazon Kindle fire hd in Nigeria

  • Borrow books from Amazon library
  • Access to instant movie and video streaming
  • Cloud based support
  • Free 2 day shipping

Well, I think as far as it can do the basic things which Africans use computers for such as browsing the web, getting entertained and reading documents, it's an ok tablet to have and I'm loving it!

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Anonymous 4 years ago

I use a kindle fire HD in Nigeria and I am allowed to buy books from Nigeria. This is because my registered amazon address is a UK address so I have access to the UK bookstore. Amazon had earlier sent me a mail saying they discovered my registered address does not match my current location. I responded and agreed with them but explained that I am able to make purchases using my Nigeria registered card so there shouldnt be any issues. Thye havent come back to me since i replied so fingers crossed

I do not have access to the apps, havent tried the movie but i can watch trailers on imdb. Someone suggested that I buy a gift certificate and use that to pay for games, havent tried that either. All in all, it is a fantastic device and I am very pleased with my purchase. I purchased it in Nigeria too @ smartbuy

felix09 profile image

felix09 4 years ago from Nigeria Author

I guess you also used a credit card with a UK billing address? Personally, I used a US shipping address but a Nigeria issued debit card and I guess that's why I can't buy books or apps from the kindle store

felix09 profile image

felix09 3 years ago from Nigeria Author

Update. Actually I can buy apps from the Kindle store with a Nigerian ip address and visa card but I can't do the same for movies and mp3 files. Lately, I was able to buy anything I want even movies and mp3s by simply making use of a US ip and US Visa gift card.

duchess 3 years ago

Hello felix,

Please how did you get a US ip and visa card? I have been trying to install antivirus on my kindle but I can't buy any on Amazon and Google.

felix09 profile image

felix09 3 years ago from Nigeria Author

I got a US ip from and got a visa card from Graphcard. There are also lots of other prepaid US visa card stores apart from Graphcard.

me again 3 years ago

Mehn! I think I'm just gonna dispatch my kindle to you. I tried doing a trial and went to my com settings on the kindle n It said I had to download a vpn app that was supported by my organization. Wonder what that means. Of course I can't download it as my card details Ares that of zenith bank. Iv got a virus on my kindle and it is really freaking me out.

felix09 profile image

felix09 3 years ago from Nigeria Author

When I say VPN, I mean gettting one for your laptop or computer and not for the Kindle directly. I don't know about getting a VPN for Kindle directly. Once you get the VPN for your computer, you should go to Amazon with your computer and buy all the apps you want after which you can later download it to Kindle straight from your cloud. You said your Kindle has a virus? First time I'm hearing about Kindle virus. Did you hack or root your device? I think there is a way you can restore your Kindle with the original factory settings.

me again 3 years ago

Ok. Well I did search on the kindle vpn stuff n saw Sth on it. Hvnt tried it though. The kindle does hv vpn settings n apps from amazon so I guess u can gt vpn for the kindle directly. No I neither rooted nor hacked. I did a scan n it found one. I noticed my kindle would just go blank or hang or would not come on and I'd just keep on pressing the power button until it comes on.

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