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Having good page ranking for your business is very important.  

If your customer couldn't find you in the Internet, then most probably they are going to buy the same product from your competitor.

To have good ranking either you improve your website's search engine optimization or use paid search service such Adwords to get on the top.  

Either way will cost money, but for SEO it one time spending, whereas for Adword you have always keep on spending.

If the bidding cost for Adwords increase , then you cost of advertising also goes up.

The idea of implementation of SEO, is to built it based on what your customers are looking for and how they can found you.  

I have done some tactics where, if I want compete for the same spot in Google search engine I could not beat more established player in the market.

But I have optimize my images to have higher ranking by naming properly my images. Using that strategy, I have high ranking for my images.

Don't write the name of your image as "image-1.jpg", write your image as follows.

"Product-Genera"l-Name"-"Model"-"Additional-relevant-information".jpg. Example of writing a camera photos,  "Canon-camera-cyber-shot.jpg"

This is the basics of SEO. 

If you want know the basic of Search Engine Optimization and  other details, get your free ebooks below.

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Organic Search vs Paid Search (Adword)
Organic Search vs Paid Search (Adword)

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Dilnashi profile image

Dilnashi 5 years ago from England

Great Articles, Backlinks are also very important besides on-page SEO. Great Linking.Using images is such a useful tool, not many people make the most of it.

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