Download Media (Videos, Music, etc.) Just Using Safari!

Did you know that your Safari browser does not only help you browse the internet? It does more. Apple has really successfully designed a browser which can fulfill all your cyber needs - browsing, emailing, chatting and...downloading. Yes, downloading.

Do you like to download mp3s and Youtube videos for free and quickly? If yes, so what is the relationship between downloading and Safari? I mean, every browser can do that, don't they? But there's something other browsers don't have - a "magic" thing, so to say. It's Safari's Activity window!

Yes, Safari's activity window is a tool that records every activity currently running. Every stuff that is attached to the sites you are opening are listed there, such as images, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHPs, and many more, including mp3s and Flash videos (.flv). The great thing is that you can retrieve and save those attached objects freely just by clicking on its link!

So, let's get started! I'm going to show you both how to retrieve mp3s from and videos from Youtube. But, first of all, for those who haven't installed Safari on their desktops, here is the link : Safari 4. Safari is available for both Mac and Windows for free!

Note : The methods I'm going to show you will be the same in Mac as in Windows. No major difference will occur.

#1 : Downloading songs from

Actually, you may try to download from other sites besides, such as and Pandora, as long as the songs are played on a Flash Player. Also, the songs you will retrieve may vary; they can be directly in .mp3 or still in .flv (which you still have to convert), depends on how it s stored on its server. Unfortunately, this method is not working at IMEEM. I don't know the main issue, but it seems that IMEEM is somehow using another storage method on their server...

So, let's just get started...

STEP 1 : "Awaken" the Activity window. Go to Window>Activity on the Topbar.

A little window will appear alongside your main Safari window, like this :

That is our "magic" Activity window.

STEP 2 : Go to

In, you can search your favorite songs out of 40,000,000+ available. Even though there's so much to hear at, you are not able to download them, or in other words, they are just for sharing purposes.

But, luckily, we have our Activity window, which will do a little bit cheating here....

STEP 3 : Search your song. As an example, I am going to look for "Life In Technicolor" by Coldplay. Click Search.

You will be redirected to a site full of "Life In Technicolor" songs. Choose one and play it.

STEP 4 : Now, have a peek at your Activity window. There will be plenty of links listed under "audio music tracks on Project...". That is your page you are currently opening. Then, search a link ending with .mp3 and where on its right side it seems to be loading and is great in size, usually megabytes (e.g. 1.5 of 3.2 MB). That is your mp3 song.

STEP 5 : You've found the right link? Now, just click on it. A window will appear with a Quicktime Player in the middle. That is your song being downloaded. When it has finished downloading (or the bar is already full), you may save it through File>Save As.

If you fail to save it (and that happens often), try to copy the link and open it with another browser, like Opera or Mozilla Firefox. These browser may not have an Activity window, but they are better in saving them to your desktop.

That's all! Isn't it easy? :)

Now, let's try a Youtube video!

#2 : Downloading videos from Youtube

This is the same as downloading songs - you may try other sites like Google Video and Yahoo Video, as long it is played on a Flash Player. The videos, however, are all to be downloaded in .flv format, which means you need to convert them again. For Mac users, I suggest you to use iSquint, a free iPod video converter. But, of course, you can use any converter you like.

STEP 1 : Is your Activity window already awakened? If yes, just open Youtube.

STEP 2 : Search your video. As an example, I'm going to search for a video clip of "Life In Technicolor". Then, let the video play.

STEP 3 : Have another peek at your Activity window. This time, the link will not have a .flv ending. So, just search for a link that is loading and is in megabytes (MB).

STEP 4 : Found it? It's time to download it! Click on the link and the Download window will appear, showing you that it is downloading a .flv file.

STEP 5 : Convert your downloaded video. For Mac users, I suggest you use iSquint, for Windows users QuickMediaConverter (don't worry, they're both free!)

So....wasn't that easy? Just in 5 quick steps, you have downloaded songs and videos for free!

Have A Try!!

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